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Bug - DrussDaAxe - 18-05-2018

SO I just started today, and after having a few issues with framerates etc, I finally got thing working nice.
I was have a lot of fun doing the starter quest, when I encountered a bug/broken quest.
I was to deliver tools to Gjord, which I did then he asked me for a sword, telling me I would need blah blah - etc - Well I made the sword and went to give it to him, but he just keeps requesting that I make him a sword.
I asked about in general chat and found out a few people have had this bug, but they recommended that I still report it.
So there it is - hopefully you can fix this soon as I have no Idea what I'm supposed to be doing next lol.

RE: Bug - Skolopendrokot - 29-05-2018

We've checked the problem and done the tests. Now you should be able to finish your quest without any problems. Just be sure that you give the sword to Gjord by using the "Deliver items" option, not via the conversation.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.