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Visual arts - Echo - 25-07-2012

That has always been one of the most fun topics to visit on various forums, so I thought I might open one here and maybe I'll get lucky with someone chiming in ^^

I would love to see some work done by you guys. Anything visual. 2D, 3D, traditional arts, animation. Share your work, get some comments, mingle Smile

RE: Visual arts - Daniel - 26-07-2012

I can start... :p

1. Battlefield Heroes wallpapers that I made for contest and I won 1st place


[Image: 943227217d1304774094-battlefund-contest-...d-bfh2.jpg]

2. Clan logo (?) and avatar (?) for my brother who played desert operation or something :p

[Image: 13812_20_04_11_8_22_44.png]

[Image: 13812_22_04_11_6_55_51_0.png]

3. My old clan logo from cs 1.6

[Image: 12.png]

[Image: 13812_23_03_11_7_43_43_0.png]

RE: Visual arts - Tajin - 03-09-2012

Here's one of the traditional drawings I did a few years ago:
[Image: sabre_tooth_by_Tajin.jpg]

It was a quick study of a sabre tooth skeleton from a museum. (it took something between 10-20 minutes, I don't remember exactly)

RE: Visual arts - IRLRaikou - 20-10-2012

I do some graphic art and design. This isn't typically what I do, but here's something.
[Image: rN7K5.jpg]

RE: Visual arts - Grgicivo - 04-02-2014

Adobe Illustrator is my favorite game....
right after gloria victus, of horse xD

RE: Visual arts - Siegbert - 04-02-2014

Nice stuff guys.

I'm doing 3D art professionally, mostly organic modeling and rendering.

[Image: reichskrone03.jpg]

[Image: knights02.jpg]

[Image: knights04.jpg]

[Image: joker01.jpg]

[Image: ring01.jpg]

[Image: falaise06.jpg]

RE: Visual arts - Grgicivo - 06-02-2014

That is some skill man...

RE: Visual arts - Jetcutter - 06-02-2014

Nice stuff Siegbert.
Do you do any vector work?

RE: Visual arts - Siegbert - 06-02-2014

Vector? No, I'm just doing 3D/2D post

RE: Visual arts - tercel - 08-02-2014

Used to do lots of brotoshop and vector work. I stick with free programs like The Gimp and Inkscape. Latest thing I've done is make some hibiscus flowers for my mom, lol.
[Image: 7h6UiKYfpFQmEz3hl4RxR2]

Pretty much stick to vector these days. I like the clean lines.