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Updates Tons of fixes & WIP Insight – get ready for Farming update! (Update v.
07-06-2018, 16:49,
Tons of fixes & WIP Insight – get ready for Farming update! (Update v.
[Image: 4f04052a7fb98f2567bc3cd65fd94ec1d607c0ba.jpg]

Hello, warriors!

New update with tons of improvements and fixes just hit the servers! There are several improvements to State of War, new mechanics of items (read below!) and numerous bugfixes. Also, we’d like to share with you some info on what we’re working on!

Enjoy reading and see you in battle!

Work in Progress insight!

Middle Ages, times when the tale about a warrior could have more meaning than the outcome of battles he fought in. But it’s not all that the medieval times stood by! There were also masses of common people, who were providing countless goods needed to run a successful war campaign: blacksmiths, tailors, hunters, herbalists and… farmers. You wouldn’t like to wage war being hungry, would you?

Read about the cool stuff which our designers are working on now in order to greatly expand the gameplay possibilities and let you feel even more immersed into a living medieval open world! So, what can you expect in the very next few updates?

Cooking & Hunger

Always wanted to become a field cook? You will be able to do so pretty soon! In one of the very next updates, we’ll add entire cooking crafting branch along with the hunger system. Starving for a long time will have some downsides, so keep in mind to eat regularly… and eat good! A skilled cook will be able to prepare much better meals, which may also help you to recover faster after a tough battle. Moreover, every warrior knows that a warm dish is a real blessing and it quickly turns into a cold, distasteful and ordinary food, so be sure to have a cook in your army!

– Eat regularly to avoid starving
– Eat high quality meals to overcome the difficulties of war conditions
– Master your cooking skills to provide your allies with quality meals
– Hunt dangerous animals to provide cooks with high quality meat
– Take care of time remained before your meal gets cold or spoiled
– Grow your own vegetables and herbs required to cook quality meals – read below!

Farming system

You will be able to grow your own plants soon! Just find a proper place – be it some flat place somewhere in the world or a field at the farm. Then plant what you want: vegetables, herbs, crops or flax, and take care of your crops! Animals and enemy raiders won’t miss a chance to take the fruits of your work, so be prepared to defend them!

– Plant seeds and grow your vegetables, herbs, crops and flax
– Take care of your plants – protect them from animals, enemies, weeds and negative effects of bad conditions
– Harvest more when your crops are planted on PVP areas
– Provide herbalists with herbs required to create numerous remedies and elixirs enhancing your physical abilities – read more!


Once the farming system comes to life, you’ll also be able to raise your own herbs and process them into herbal and alchemic products! Based on actual properties of various plants, they’re a way to boost your character in desired way, additional method of customizing your character… and danger for unwary users. Be careful and don’t overdose!

– Prepare remedies for poisons and create bandages used to stop bleeding
– Prepare elixirs which can lift your possibilities to maximum, or event let you overcome the physical limits of human body (watch out for downsides!)
– Create consumables which will give your allies more freedom to customize their characters, so they will fit to their play style

Crafting balance update

Thanks to just added mechanics of changing items into others, which was required for the upcoming cooking update, we’ll be able to significantly reduce the time needed to craft various goods. In order to prevent situation where players have full stacks of every material needed, so they could literally equip entire armies, the materials will decay over time – woods will get rotten, iron will rust and so on. In effect, this change will let you to reduce the effort needed to craft a new sword from scratch!

Changelog v.

State of War update:

– If token was placed by an enemy guild, SoW starts in standard way (in case of Skergard every guild is considered as enemy)
– If token was placed by an ally guild, SoW is skipped and the Final Battle starts, preceded by the Resolving State
– If token was placed by both enemy and ally guilds, SoW starts and then there’s the Final Battle, preceded by the Resolving State, like before
– From now on flag can’t be captured during the Resolving State
– From now on, only guilds which placed a token on a location can capture it during the Final Battle if they are from the guild which took the flag down
– Removed slowing down the player’s rotation when holding an attack or block
– Added experience gain for ranked arena duels – 100% for won fight and ⅓ for lost one
– Updated rewards for controlled locations
– Renamed the Glory window into Rankings
– Improved level of detail switching in wooden main buildings


– Introduced mechanics of turning items into other ones, which is required to planned cooking update – it will be responsible for cooling of hot meals and spoiling food; in future, this system will be used to add decaying of crafting materials which will let us to significantly reduce the time needed to craft various goods without risk of economy issues
– Added decaying of the Key fragments required to start the Ragi the Renegade world event – the fragments will turn into iron scraps after 24h
– Added interrupting player’s movement and actions after closing the game with force quit option or Alt-F4
– Improved time format in ranked arena timers
– Improved communicates in ranked arena duels system
– Disabled registering to PVP tournament during a ranked arena duel
– Disabled registering to ranked arena duel while being already registered to the PVP tournament
– Added missing Sangmarian Prosperous Merchants in Order of the Original Faith’s Keep and Castle Audunstede
– Added resetting the Glory gain diminishing (from capturing several locations in a row) after 1h from the last capturing


– Fixed an issue causing ending the siege event earlier if a former siege event location has been captured
– Fixed siege event spawnpoints in Dundrum, Ystad and Eaglenest forts
– FIxed an issue causing that other players’ character were floating over the ground when running and standing idle
– Fixed client-side issue causing FPS drop when getting close to upgradable locations
– Fixed visual bug in Rodrock Fort suggesting a possibility of upgrading one of the wall fragments above tier 3
– Fixed max buff stack of Aquillian Wine
07-06-2018, 23:55,
RE: Tons of fixes & WIP Insight – get ready for Farming update! (Update v.
Dear team,

I hope that the novelties that are being prepared will be more thought-through than the current crafting system in the context of distribution between the players. Currently, only a little bit of time is needed for anyone to be a good sewer, armourer, and so on. There must be some solution for a specialisation and distribution of work to appear. For example, there should only be 20 points for distribution (20 points are e.g.20 000 small points received for the creation of items) for 4 new crafts. Basic level for 3 points, advanced 10 (3+7) and master 20 (3+7+10). Then, the players themselves decide whether they want to have the advanced level in 2 categories or only one with master and the rest with nothing. Or 3 categories on the basic level and the 4th advanced. Of course, the higher the level, the more and better products we make.
17-06-2018, 17:24,
RE: Tons of fixes & WIP Insight – get ready for Farming update! (Update v.

If we will make specialization crafting could be more valuable than now
and ofc make more legendary stuff i dont mean candy eye crap but EQ pieces that only best crafters will have (there is a lot "famous" stuff in history wielded or crafted by great people
[Image: a8W7weG.gif]

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