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Just Joined
31-10-2018, 16:48,
RE: Just Joined
(31-10-2018, 12:53)Skur Wrote: hi Shadanwolf welcome to gloria victis, hope you will like it (i´m pretty sure you will)
and as a midlander of course i hope you join the midlandic forces Wink

feel free to choose whatever you want to (on a certain price it is possible to switch factions afterwards)

Thanks. I found I did not have a strong enough video card and have had to greatly reduce my graphics dramatically to get 20 fps. I made a character . Sangmar empire from Azeb. I will try each of the realms. Seems there is no difference at all between realms so finding a good guild might be what makes the decision. I made this char thinking there were realm differences for archers. I have found there is not.

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