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Game Design
03-06-2016, 22:06,
Game Design
I actually, really enjoy programming and designing games.

It's something I got into about a year back, I picked up Game Maker and made a few little things (Throw a block around, basic platformer, etc.) Never anything really finished, but I enjoyed it. I recently graduated up to Unity 5, and have been working my way through C# and some procedural gen stuff, so I can actually make a game I have always wanted to try to make.

Anybody else?
08-06-2016, 09:27, (This post was last modified: 08-06-2016, 09:28 by Cantrip.)
RE: Game Design
Nice to see other hobby programmers in here!

I've been using Unity for the past 3 years and really enjoy the software. Have never even finished a real project yet, but i'm sure the energy for that will come sometime..

Looking forward to see if you can develop some nice procedural stuff Big Grin

10-06-2016, 17:18,
RE: Game Design
What I have been doing so far is... every tutorial in existence lol.

I have a minecraft clone that generates seeds as you walk, I have a 2d ant farm looking thing that generates a random map, and I have been reading a few more. Framework for all of it is basically the same, and it's rewarding to see a map pop out of nothing.

What are you working on Cantrip?
10-06-2016, 17:38,
RE: Game Design
Have you learned enough to actually write these games without resorting to a tutorial? If not then that should be your next priority Smile

I'm currently working on a storydriven singleplayer game, with a multiplayer standalone to go with it.
I have the networking finished, so now I need to develop the actual game. I'm starting with the multiplayer part of it, to get the basic gameplay mechanics perfected.

Sometimes I drift off onto other small projects though, but that is just because sometimes not having a budget really drags me down when I look at the scope of my game. Doing it solo is not recommended.

10-06-2016, 17:55,
RE: Game Design
I could probably muddle through a code or two, but my C# experience begins and ends with me farting around on Unity, so right now I'm still learning the language. And yeah, getting more proficient with coding is priority 1 right now for me. I'm kind of picking and choosing what tutorial projects I try, to be things close to what I want to do when I've got the proficiency to really start putting together what I want to make, because that is what I did when I worked with GameMaker and it worked out pretty well. Ended up with a working stealth game, where you avoided monsters who could detect you by sight, smell, or hearing.

This time I want to make a city building game, because that's like my favorite genre. I have been making some basic assets to put in when I get tired of tutorials.

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