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Plot life after death I
29-06-2016, 00:15, (This post was last modified: 29-06-2016, 00:39 by MacLeod.)
Plot life after death I

They're things that are not added into most video games and on this plot I am going into life after death.

Most of the time you play a game you die you respawn. Right? I am going to write a plot here that can add an extra level to immersion to life after death in Gloria. You guys can totally give in some feedback as well.

Some games I will mention off the top of my head so you can get a rough idea of what I mean. Planetside 1-2 is the best example I can think of. Your character is made up of nanites,those nanites reconstruct your being into spawn tubes allowing you to respawn and fight the good fight once again. Simple,but effective. World of Warcraft has ghost form after you parish,boom ghost at a graveyard,you may use a God statue too resurrect your being,or jump back into your body. Now with that out of the way and you knowing what I am talking about.

Gloria so far in the alpha has you go unconscious you have 30 seconds to spawn I am sure that is prone to change along with other things but with that change my plot. My punctuations are horrid so.

You drop to the ground in the middle of a scuffle,men,women fighting over lands and titles,fighting to be the first to claim Limetown's riches. Slowly things begin to fade during the skirmish a random soldier you cannot make out takes a sword off your body. The black takes you,light comes down from the sky with an eye-blinding flash you are shifted away like a piece of a board game. Moment's later you are healed,missing a sword and looking at your comrades. You are in a beautiful room carved in marble,the only thing covering the stench of blood and sweat is incense symmetrically placed in a circular room with doors. This room gives you choices,God(s) be praised. You look at your friends for advise for this is the first time you died. Pick a door,the choice is yours. You walk through the door,POOF the flash of light drops you near Lobar's farm. The fight continues...never ending fight..

29-06-2016, 00:33,
RE: Plot life after death I
I'll take door # 3 Monty

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