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Events 365 Days.
30-01-2013, 13:15, (This post was last modified: 08-12-2013, 21:57 by Jog.)
365 Days.
Right now we’re celebrating Gloria Victis’ first anniversary and we want to share our accomplishments during the past year with you. We’ve grouped the information in few parts to show the whole character of our work, including multitude of issues, our ups and downs and to give the most interesting news about our team.
[Image: Screen1.jpg]

Ups and thanks.
Well, in the past year we have succeeded at creating a huge team of unusual and qualified professionals from Poland and foreign countries. They are people with a longstanding experience in the video games branch as well as the IT branch itself. It was a really arduous process, however along with project’s getting famous certain people have appeared, who got really seriously involved in working on the project.

In the past year we have also competed in the world’s indie game contest of IndieDB. It’s you, beloved community, whose interest made us reach 5th place amongst the upcoming games and 1st place amongst upcoming MMOs. It was a great success for the whole project, since the contest had over 6000 titles, but we’ve managed to find ourselves on the podium alongside with such famous titles as Path of Exile, Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs.
Thank you a hundred times!

We’ve also managed to receive hosting from CuddiHosting and Hitme, which provide whole team’s work continuity and protect our forum and websites from unwanted third-person actions. We’re bowing low for the owners and staff of aforementioned hosting companies for their kind heart.
Thank you!

At the end of the past year we’ve took part in a Kickstarter contest, which can as well be considered an up or a down. However, we’ll begin from the good part, which is inseparably related to our participation in the contest. During the crowdfunding campaign we’ve managed to successfully establish cooperational relations with the makers of the Gothic series, who supported our actions with their experience and provided us software that lets us design a complex and living world, as well as effectively manage game items.
Many thanks for Articy:draft by Nevigo!

[Image: Screen4.jpg]

Also, thanks to the Kickstarter campaign we’ve established cooperation with Plymouth University along with Dan Livingstone, which both took our project under their wings. We appreciate your work and support at promoting our project beyond our country’s borders.
We warmly thank you!

The Kickstarter campaign also brought us attention of foreign companies and people from video games branches. We’ve welcomed experienced managers and sure-footed people such as Brittany Watson, to whom we send big thanks for showing up at the least expected moment and providing a helping hand in the hardest, the most important time. Although she lives far away from here, she’s a really integral and outstandingly important part of our team.
Thank you, Brittany!

[Image: Screen3.jpg]

During the past year we’ve also established cooperational relations with Spes Medieval Market, who have supported us in toils associated with the crowdfunding campaign and cared for preparing acknowledgements and prizes. During the preparations, Toruń knights have lent us medieval armor and arms, as well as thanks to them we’ve earned a chance to take part in a real, medieval duel with full equipment, in which, to our surprise – we’ve ignominiously failed. We’re overwhelmed with joy that, despite the Kickstarter failure, you’re still here, supporting us. And it’s because of you that we will soon offer our fans and future players sorts of unique items related with the game’s theme.
Thanks to the noble knights and Toruń maids of honor.

Here are some funny takes, which show the battlefield and the set.

We’ve also managed to earn lots of media patronages and establish cooperation with lots of websites that publish fresh news about computer games in Poland and all over the world.
Thanks for your interest!

In the past year we’ve also received Unity’s backing, which let us fully join its community and provide our team with a complete support from the engine’s creators. We would like to warmly thank Unity’s Community Managers and engine’s distribution section for granted trust!
Be sure – we won’t let you down on your expectations!

Revealing a handful of information about technical sides related to our production and about our work’s progress during the past year we could proudly let you know that we have discovered Unity’s every last gear wheel. In the meantime we’ve also replaced Unity3 with Unity4, and because of that the game will have new graphic effects implemented and we have learnt to manage the screen and engine’s resources. It means that we’ve overcame a hard, bumpy road which led us to a soft road, thanks to which we will be able to finish our lifetime’s work without any major issues.
Works on the Mecanim system we’ve began already in the past year’s quarter. For now, it’s scrupulously implemented into our animated character movement system. Lately we’ve been through some hard time introducing this modern technology. Additionally we’ve been making very complex network solutions which the game required. There also appeared elements of physic and smooth animation transition, thanks to which we’ve paved the way for the “Mocaps”, for the character’s definitional skeleton and for many other fascinating things enriching the game’s world!
In a heartbeat we will present you the new animation system at its loveliest!

Also, during the past few months our programmers staff have created their own character positioning system, which will prevent teleportation and weird behavior on the battlefield! Team’s experience and your opinions after watching the first footage of PvP combat has pushed us in a way of “kill or cure” solution of the issue and creating the whole combat system from a scratch.
Thank you for every accurate comment, and thanks to our team for its toughness and determination!

[Image: Screen5.jpg]
Also, for “perfected” RPG games lovers we have a very important information! Lately we’ve been working on developing the database system, which presently keeps up to 32 equipment values. It’s the element which will provide you a plethora and diversity of your character’s accountrements
Our works have also focused on implementing a weather system, which will provide our players four seasons, thirteen types of day and night along beautiful sunsets and sunrises, as well as different rainfalls: blizzards, storms, etc. We assure you that in the winter time real snow will fall, it will cover buildings and it will truly be a winter atmosphere! You will have a first-hand experience of how the sun glares and how rainy afternoons may affect broody on your mood.
For enhancing graphic side of our production we have polished the rendered quality and efficiency of our engine. Many-months tests have let us create our own style and quality of projected graphics. The team has learnt how to appropriately display lighting and rendered image.
During our latest work we have also focused on the player’s character. Presently it has more details giving it a realistic impression, more precisely adjusted skeleton and higher quality textures. Thanks to these changes, we’re counting on our players and community’s approval.

[Image: Screen6.jpg]
Lately, combat system and it’s polishing has also became a priority to us. Apart from perfecting animations and introducing the new system, we’ve also busied ourselves with implementing weapon physics. For example - a flail. It’s a steel, spiked ball attached to a handle with a rope or a chain (physics affect on these weapon’s elements). It’s a spectacular medieval weapon, which spread fear on battlefields. History has met a diversity of variations, e.g.: steel elements were replaced by animal bones. What makes it more interesting – it’s rarely witnessed in games, and surely that’s because of a complex design, connecting the parts causes lots of trouble and it’s really high graphic-dependant.
In the last few months we’ve created a complete in-game GUI, which is supposed to be intuitional for the player. For this moment its successive implementations and connecting to the database are in progress. There are numerous network issues linked with the process, which are continuously solved by our programmers.
We have also prepared an important information for lovers of medieval ballads and history, as well as people who want to fully get to know our world. Last few months have let us begin works over a new location that will move the players into a vastness of deserts – to a world of Asks and Nuntians. Thanks to this distinct culture you will get to know the life spiced up with dune sands and fight for survival. Asks and Nuntians will welcome you with their own culture and customs.
For classic cRPG lovers who take delight in hard, knotty tasks we’ve prepared over two hundred non-linear quests. Additionally we’ve prepared countless books with written tales, diaries, journals once belong to court scribes and jottings of historical events and battles. Some of them will be presented to you as audiobooks, getting you closer to the world we’re creating for you!

At the end of the last year we have founded Black Eye Games Ltd. company located in London and we’ve settled our company our team’s status legally. We can avowedly admit that we have taken care of providing appropriate conditions for our coworkers, so that they can peacefully continue their work on the project under protection of Polish and English law. We are no longer a group of dreamers – we have became a team under our own company banner!
The greatest success though, are you, our community. You have arrived into our universe seeking for steel, medieval theme and we will give it to you! We are thankful that you exist and actively participate in our community!

Problems, problems and once again – problems we had to deal with.
Certainly – the start was the hardest part, because making an MMORPG is truly a challenge, both under the organization and finance terms.
However our main problem at the beginning was creating a proper team. In a short time though, it turned out that gathering people who would like to help us, even indirectly – is not impossible after all.
In the past year’s last quarter we found out about our product’s standard and what impressions will it get among the gamers community. As the Kickstarter showed – we didn’t stack ourselves up. Also, experts from Poland and foreign countries have appeared too late, who have taken care of the marketing side of our project and who supported us technically in proper advertisement issues. No loss though, these people are with us now and they will lead us to victory in a next crowdfunding campaign!
After analyses have been made we got to a conclusion that many logistic and social mistakes were made, but in the future we shall avoid them.
In the meantime lots of network problems were appearing, which presently have gone into the oblivion. However, we’re trying to develop our own systems which will provide our players a comfortable gameplay.
Also we’re encountering problems with animations and meeting our future players’ expectations is a true challenge! We’re learning from one another and we’re exchanging experience, that’s why we were able to implement the Mecanim system, whose possibilities you can see here :

In short about the team.
The majority of our team has a several years of experience at developing games, as well as you can find people who are in it over a decade. We truly respect people who can correlate their job and family duties with working on our project. Since it requires a strong methodicalness, flexibility and unusual work arrangement.
We also respect the whole team, because we can still keep up friendly relations. We share gathered experience with each other, we support ourselves at hard times and we offer our help in law, financial and media issues.
A growing part of our team comes from abroad, too. It’s easier to find a good animator, graphics designer and “Mocap” specialists beyond Poland borders Wink

Day by day our team progresses more and more, granting a chance to young and ambitious people who would like to develop in gamedev branch. A bit of commitment and determination is enough to become one of us!

The most important goals.
Presently our goal is to make the game’s pre-alpha stage available, that’s why our work is heading this certain way. We want this version’s premier to coincide with the second Kickstarter campaign’s start.
In the meantime we are also absorbed by looking for money from different sources, which will let us to make the game a top-notch one.
We’ve also begun developing a second nation - the Aska nation. It’s quite possible that it will be implemented even in the pre-alpha stage.
Currently we are working on introducing archery which, just like melee combat, will depend on player’s agility.
[Image: Screen2.jpg]

The rest of thanks.
We would like to thank everyone we forgot to mention earlier, but who supported both us and our actions during the past year. We wish you and ourselves that we would together strive to reach our goals and that our actions would give us lots of joy and satisfaction, also letting inwardly develop ourselves.
As for our players – we wish you low ping and finest items in the future game! Smile

Black Eye Games administration and staff.
One man army

For support help please contact support(at) or Bartold -
MMORPG.COM Official Gloria Victis link -
30-01-2013, 13:45,
RE: 365 Days.
Congratulations on the anniversary, and wish you and your team much success in 2013. Looking forward to seeing more.
30-01-2013, 14:32,
RE: 365 Days.
Congratulations! Good work! Smile
30-01-2013, 14:37,
RE: 365 Days.
Congrats on the anniversary, looking forward to seeing alot more of it :-)
30-01-2013, 14:50,
RE: 365 Days.
Congrats and all the best for your future work!

Btw: I recently saw a tutorial video from you where were texturing your character models. Doing 3D art myself I couldn't help but notice that you built your normal maps out a hand-drawn color map.

That really isn't done very often anymore... Instead you should consider modeling your characters with high polygon sculpting softwares like Zbrush and bake your normal maps. The result will be noticeably better.
30-01-2013, 22:26, (This post was last modified: 30-01-2013, 23:03 by DostThouHoist11.)
RE: 365 Days.
I came across this game a week or so ago and I must say that it is very impressive. It's such a breath of fresh air to find an MMO that doesn't have 90 pound girls in chainmail bikinis swinging around hammers the size of houses while random lights and explosions go off. Is there currently any means of donating to this project? I've seen the kickstarter page, but I couldn't figure out if it takes donations anymore or not.

EDIT: Nevermind, I just read the bit about the second kickstarter campaign. I'll keep my eyes peeled for it so I can make my contribution!
30-01-2013, 22:56,
RE: 365 Days.
more power to you jog hope to see a second successful campaign and maybe this time i'll have a chance to buy a pack Smile
31-01-2013, 19:52,
RE: 365 Days.
Great post, I'm so excited for what's to come! Big Grin
02-05-2013, 17:13,
RE: 365 Days.
Congrats on the one year! Really looking forward to this game.
03-05-2013, 12:57, (This post was last modified: 03-05-2013, 13:16 by Legenda.)
RE: 365 Days.
The game reminds me of the famous UO, I like it.

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