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Updates An entire month passed since Gloria Victis has been reelased on Steam Early Access!
09-07-2016, 14:31,
An entire month passed since Gloria Victis has been reelased on Steam Early Access!
[Image: 282.jpg]


An entire month passed since Gloria Victis has been released on Steam Early Access! Though these 30 days were full of intensive work and offered very little sleep for Black Eye Games team, we are proud of this accomplishment and look enthusiastic into the future of development of Gloria Victis.

Over these 30 days, 10 regular patches and many more minor updates have been applied. Among the others, servers’ performance and stability, combat balance, gameplay mechanics and anti-cheat security were greatly improved. Thanks to this effort over 30.000 copies were sold within these 30 days – this income boost will allow us to expand the development team and therefore to work faster on implementing new features and polishing existing systems. We have also established our office – so far we have been working remotely – which allows us to increase our efficiency.

Our plans for future development include:

– Replacing the character’s model and hiring a motion capture studio to rework animations, particular for combat
– Implementation of playable female characters
– Continuously increasing the servers capability, until there is only a single server per supported region of the world (until then you can freely switch between current servers)
– Implementation of siege engines
– Implementations of sailing and naval combat
– Implementation of mounts and mounted combat
– Implementation of the housing system
– Implementation of dynamic events dynamically changing the world according to the players’ actions
– Implementation of new playable factions
– Expanding the available world – right now you have access to a large archipelago but the lands will be expanded with an entire mainland
– Numerous minor features, including fishing, gambling and emotes

Thank you for your awesome support and see you in battle!
PM Manager, Designer

If you'd have any problem, please send us logs (Steam\SteamApps\common\Gloria Victis\gv_Data\output_log.txt
C:\Users\user_name\AppData\LocalLow\Black Eye Games Sp z o o_\Gloria Victis) to [email protected] with a problem description.
10-07-2016, 04:12,
RE: An entire month passed since Gloria Victis has been reelased on Steam Early Access!
What is the timeline for polishing the current features and fixing bugs?

Surely you should get the existing features in a more stable state before implementing new features, which in turn always present more bugs.
10-07-2016, 09:37,
RE: An entire month passed since Gloria Victis has been reelased on Steam Early Access!
Great status post, thank you for that Smile

Same question as above, too Wink
10-07-2016, 13:02,
RE: An entire month passed since Gloria Victis has been reelased on Steam Early Access!
what i really would like to see is a better balancing between high and low level players (or a complete removal of level ups)

and it would be immersive if u had a real big advantage somehow by wearing clothes rather than armor while crafting, farming, gathering resources, hunting or staying in your factions city

and more of a downgrade on archery while having heavy armor on Smile
13-07-2016, 09:55, (This post was last modified: 13-07-2016, 10:43 by baronandy.)
RE: An entire month passed since Gloria Victis has been reelased on Steam Early Access!
i love all the features on the roadmap !! good plan anyways

i would like to see combat a bit tweaked when servers are stable and performence increased and the detection in which a character is facing improved and other bugs fixed (for an alpha the game runs already great), maybe combat stuff should be tested on the test server. First i want to mention , we had a much more enjoyable turnament with much less lag then 2 weeks ago. Yesterday we played a 20 vs 20 turnament, still with a bit of lag, but way better then the unplayable turnament some weeks ago ! only problem i see atm is faction imbalance ,that there are much more midlanders on the eu server then ismirs since some days

here my ideas to tweak combat and inspire

i asked other gamers aswell and they have the same opinion of getting staggered too many times (high skilled chivalery players) and even when you are very good you have problems winning 2 players with all that stagger going on , if they have the same lvl and gear.this combat we have now + group pvp is fun already but small scale pvp and duels need to get better. it is to easy to block

i have read articles where reporters found it sad that there is only 1 blocking direction (worth a read)

" It uses direction-based attacks (moving sideways & attacking will be different than not moving & attacking), but blocking is just a single direction and there’s no way to fake an attack"

the game got a good steam rating ,but if you read a bad review on steam you can read smth about unfinished clumsy combat or log in issiue , or that it is too early to play the game and that characters will be wiped

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