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Roleplaying in GV
09-07-2013, 16:19,
RE: Roleplaying in GV
I am definitely looking forward to be roleplaying with you lovely folks in the future.
09-07-2013, 19:03,
RE: Roleplaying in GV
I shall be doing my bit to keep the RP alive. Have been both in evil and good aligned guilds that RP in EQ and had best RP moment in a game in AoC weirdly enough. Be nice if community stays strong and supportive of RP and not flooded with folks that flame us for not talking in L33T abbreviations etc. Smile
09-07-2013, 20:08,
RE: Roleplaying in GV
I'm fairly sure the community will be respectful to RPers as that's what sort of crowd I hope this game will attract.
28-07-2013, 04:02,
RE: Roleplaying in GV
I will definitely be role-playing, GV is the perfect game for it XD
05-08-2013, 20:06,
RE: Roleplaying in GV
I am sure I will be RP'ing quite a bit, and I think I can find some more people that would be interested in both this game and the RP it could deliver.

(Nice to see some people from Warband Wink )
07-09-2013, 20:03,
RE: Roleplaying in GV
I'm also so in.

So then there might be an RP-only-Server? Can i look forward to that? Beacause.. I mean am I informed wrongly when I state that the vast majority of player wouldn't do that?! As far as I remember there were a far more WoW-PvM/PvP-Servers without the RP tag back then when I played. This game has a lot of immersion I am definitely sure there is big bunch of players who would enjoy RPing but only if there are not a lot of players with the name "xXxSuperkillerxXx" pasing by. Most disturbing... Big Grin
25-09-2013, 11:36, (This post was last modified: 25-09-2013, 11:37 by Masterski.)
RE: Roleplaying in GV
I am very interested in Role Playing in this game. I've been looking for a MMO that would be realistic enough so you would be encouraged to live it, rather than grind it, and it looks like that I've found one.
25-09-2013, 17:00, (This post was last modified: 25-09-2013, 17:04 by Ramyr Northmen.)
RE: Roleplaying in GV
Role play with a larger group would be awesome, we can even crown someone and call him King in the North Tongue

Anyhow i would gladly fight and die for my king!

Just thinking....we can just make a guild for all the roleplayers from this thread .
28-09-2013, 22:03,
RE: Roleplaying in GV
I cant wait to meet some new friends and role play with them!
02-10-2013, 20:54,
RE: Roleplaying in GV
A roleplaying server for Gloria Victis? Oh aye! that would be absolute sweet.

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