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28-08-2016, 18:37, (This post was last modified: 28-08-2016, 20:13 by Northaven.)
I've read that there is an issue with people spawning right inside castles etc.. via server hop etc... Not sure if that is still going on but it's an obvious problem.

Well I had an idea which fixes that issue while adding some more interesting features to the landscape and gameplay.

Each controllable territory has a cemetery (yes it's been done but whatever, it is realistic) close by which if your faction controls the territory, your faction can spawn in that cemetery.

Maybe it's fenced in, maybe not. If it's fenced it should have multiple exits.

This adds to a siege since some of the attacking party could try to cut off the reinforcements from the cemetery and next closest territory but of course there are less attackers attacking the town/castle/whatever.

There, a bit more depth to sieges and no spawning inside the keep etc..

Edit: just to be clear. If you log out in a town/keep, you spawn in that territories cemetery or your main city.
29-08-2016, 15:45,
RE: Cemeteries
I don't understand what the obvious problem is here and i guess its not so obvious. Rallying defense is great. The server hopping will eventually come to an end when there are no other servers but the 1 mega. Popping outside of the city will only be a pain if you die, its only going to piss people off and 100% will lead to spawn camping. If its a mini-safe zone, yeah itll likely be a prison for people spawning back in low numbers vs 3-4 attackers that peel off the walls. You'll have guys wanting to run asap back to the camp and getting killed and trapped in the cemetery completely taking the fun out of the play experience.
29-08-2016, 17:05,
RE: Cemeteries
Peeps hiding in there to be safe and getting trapped was one concern yeah. To be honest I had forgotten about the mega server thing when I wrote this so thought the server hopping (like in dayz before) for advantage needed to be taken care of.

Ok now read my other suggestion there Rusery. Need to see if peeps are interested in it.

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