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Poll: Nametag vote
I like the demo concept!
I like the way the game is currently.
Cool, but I have another idea.
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[Community Suggestions] New Nametags
10-01-2017, 00:41,
RE: [Community Suggestions] New Nametags
I like the information given by the name tags however I would significantly decrease the range to say about 10 character feet. I shouldn't be able to walk up on a wall and see who and how many are defending it. Same if I run up on someone in the wild, I shouldn't know if that is friend or foe until I can peer into their helmets. I'd say to give faction specific colours to certain outfits (maybe already implemented? I haven't seen all armour types yet) but they can be looted and worn by the enemy but then again that would also add a strategy.
11-02-2017, 04:19, (This post was last modified: 11-02-2017, 04:22 by karnage.)
RE: [Community Suggestions] New Nametags
i agree with the majority saying remove enemy tags altogether most dont care what the enemy's name was just that they are an enemy IF ITS RED ITS DEAD.!!! as far as friendly players go maybe a small name plate when untargeted and if targeted maybe display guild info as well as name but much smaller then they are currently
[Image: ver2sig_zpsbc5b1fca.png]
23-08-2017, 15:45,
RE: [Community Suggestions] New Nametags
No name tags... Should be done by targeting, at a fair visual range a naked eye could spot, could even use a STAT to increase that range, another cool option for character builds.. Many ways to take this, though this game has very little in body statistics outside the general..

Main thing is Name tags take away from the world then it gives far as immersion. Not to mention as many others here has, that it really is not good for PVP worlds.

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07-10-2018, 20:45,
RE: [Community Suggestions] New Nametags
I too suggest removing name tags. Have it where you can only see a name tag if you are grouped with someone or when you cursor over them. But at the same time, if someone is 'hiding' (New key bind)and not moving then even moving the cursor over them wouldn't work because they are trying to hide.

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