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Guidelines to write a Bug/Exploit report
18-10-2015, 14:39,
RE: Guidelines to write a Bug/Exploit report
(18-10-2015, 14:03)Szifers Wrote: Does this only refer to crashes and other game-braking bugs, or all bugs in general?

Are we supposed to report each bug in its own thread, or is there a thread for bugs?

Do bug reports go in the Troubleshooting forum, or in Feedback and suggestions?

Report any bugs in the Troubleshooting forum by either making a new thread (if you cannot find a solution and do not see it reported elsewhere) or you can add to the existing thread if you find one.
[Image: 6c31d2b1a60faf1bfbac90a5077e9ad4.png] Ray Monty, Community Manager

GV Twitter: @GloriaVictisMMO

13-01-2016, 04:05,
BUG - Landscape
Type of report: BUG - Landscape exploit

Game version: most current at the time
Name of your character: Skaedra

Time and date when it happened: Around 19:20 CST, 01/12/16

Operating System: Windows 10 with latest updates
(Please include your OS information and if you know, the relevant updates you have.)

Description of the Bug/Exploit:When climbing a hillside I got up above and ran along a ridge - found a separation in two pieces of geometry and fell through started running around under the world.

On a scale from 1 to 5 how do you describe this Bug/Exploit:
So far I would rate this a 4 - makes running around pretty easy but still trying to find out if there is a way to exit - can also see other players and could shoot them with bow. Could be pretty detrimental if someone was running around pking folks from under the world

Can you reproduce this Bug/Exploit: Yes it looks like a bad joining of the graphics - I walked through a gap in the scenery.(If you can reproduce the Bug/Exploit at your will, please describe the steps you took in order to reproduce it. If you cannot, please quickly describe what you tried to do to reproduce it.)

Is there any suggestion or any additional information you have, that might help us with this Bug/Exploit:

Ran around for a while, didn't really find an exit but I could see quite a few mobs above me and I hit several of them when trying to archer them. Would be happy to describe - show a dev if they wish to know the exact location but I will not list it here so that it could be used by others.
15-01-2016, 16:04,
RE: Guidelines to write a Bug/Exploit report
Please send me a link to screenshot of this place by private message, we will take a look at it. Thanks for reporting!
PR Manager, Designer

If you'd have any problem, please send us logs (Steam\SteamApps\common\Gloria Victis\gv_Data\output_log.txt
C:\Users\user_name\AppData\LocalLow\Black Eye Games Sp z o o_\Gloria Victis) to with a problem description.
16-10-2018, 13:16,
RE: Guidelines to write a Bug/Exploit report
very nice sharing really helpful

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