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[Combat Bugs] Combat Report in general and few bugs
10-04-2013, 19:40,
[Combat Bugs] Combat Report in general and few bugs
Greetings everyone,

So I was dueling with Tytan for a good amount today, we found a few bugs.

Bug 1 :
Attacking a corpse sometimes delivers the damage to the actual character when it spawns, I was hitting Tytan when he was dead, and he spawned then received damage, we were far away from the actual spawn point.
It only occurred once, we couldn't reproduce it.

Bug 2 :
Sometimes a single hit registers 2-3 hits at the same time, It happened a couple of times when I hit Tytan with a fully charged attack. never got 3 hits with the sword, but Tytan's mace usually registered 3 hits at the same time. It happened quite often in the fights, not sure how to recreate the bug specifically, but it does occur often.
Bug 3 :
Hit's register without relating to the animation, for example the animation shows a single hit, but while spamming left click and 123 at the same time, you find out that hits keep registering quickly, before even the animation finishes. Also sometimes the animation bugs out, a single quick swing appear to be a very slow hit, and sometimes the animation doesn't complete, but the hits still register, sometimes more than one as well.

It's pretty much a synchronization issue between animation and the actual input of hits.

This bug occurs a lot when we spam 123 + left mouse at the same time, doesn't happen as often as when we only use the left mouse button, but the left mouse button used without 123 usually bugs out the animation, as the strikes sometimes seem to be slower than what they are actually are. I am not sure if this is related to the stamina bar, where when you lose stamina your attacks are supposed to be shorter ? I noticed these bugs often occur when I have around 60 stamina It seems, not sure if it's related or not.

Aside from that, Blocking doesn't work, so I'm guessing it's disabled, and the hitboxes are pretty good for pre-alpha, the only issue is when Tytan was sprinting around, I think that's due to me a bit being laggy though.
10-04-2013, 22:22,
RE: [Combat Bugs] Combat Report in general and few bugs
Thanks for the report. All of those bugs are being repaired and should be patched in next update! Smile
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15-04-2013, 17:29,
RE: [Combat Bugs] Combat Report in general and few bugs
That's good to know since those are some of the more noticable bugs I'd noticed as well. Looking forward to the patch ^^
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26-02-2019, 10:19,
RE: [Combat Bugs] Combat Report in general and few bugs
hmm yeah thats good

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