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Updates Changelog v.
06-01-2017, 13:06, (This post was last modified: 08-01-2017, 02:41 by Arron.)
Changelog v.
[Image: 268.jpg]

Changelog v.

Territory Control:

– Redesigned Seaclaw and Audunstede
– Restored Glory gain for capturing locations which has been redesigned
– Restored events assigned to controlled locations which has been redesigned
– Restored buffs for capturing and controlling locations which has been redesigned


– Rebalanced 2-handed clubs and hammers, decreasing their damage and disabling fake overhead attacks dealing full damage
– Rebalanced longswords, increasing their armor penetration and decreasing their stamina drain
– Increased armor penetration of each type of bows
– Increased durability of the best weapons
– Improved the last part of the Brandon event – there is less Raubritters but they spawn more frequently


– Redesigned interface of the Glory system
– Fixed displaying changes of attributes when distributing attributes points
– Fixed an issue causing logging in enemy locations and problems with assigning proper spawn position
– Fixed an issue causing that crafting experience earned by gathering wasn’t saved properly in some cases
– Optimized models of NPCs
– Expanded a message about being looted with information which item was taken
– Fixed an issue allowing to move while looting a player
06-01-2017, 14:15,
RE: Changelog v.
so...where are the animations ? :V
the Fox demands the animations!!!
[Image: Eo3IobO.jpg?1]
06-01-2017, 14:25,
RE: Changelog v.
(06-01-2017, 14:15)SoilFox Wrote: so...where are the animations ? :V
the Fox demands the animations!!!

Very soon - still being fully implemented! Smile
[Image: 6c31d2b1a60faf1bfbac90a5077e9ad4.png] Ray Monty, Community Manager

My Twitter: @GV_Fiore

06-01-2017, 17:40,
RE: Changelog v.
What with opening upgrade window. Quit often it's buged and with every tap of "e" button it's shoving upgrade window. Have to go to arena and back to the city to cancel it.
07-01-2017, 07:59,
RE: Changelog v.
i want directional blocking and directional attacks from npcs using overhead, slashes and stebs , so pve is more fun. pve mobs are made hard through a lot of hp, they miss special attacks and need to be a bigger challange. alone more hp and more damage is the wrong way.
can´t wait till the game is further developed. animations look nice

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