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Will there ever be a Battle Mage and other magic?
06-01-2017, 19:14,
Will there ever be a Battle Mage and other magic?
I am looking into getting into another MMO similar to Asheron's Call from back in the day. I like the medieval feel of games, with open worlds, pvp and magic.

In Asheron's Call there was more than just magic that did damage but also buffs and debuffs to players/gear. Will that ever become a thing in GV? I've read in some previous posts that magic will not be really used in the game. Is this still true or is this old information? For those who didn't know about Asheron's Call magic were skills that everyone could have which could buff your character and debuff your foe. It's nice to have another ranged option than just bows. To help with balance Battle mages almost always had to debuff their foe before doing damage, but could also be support for melee/archers.
07-01-2017, 07:52,
RE: Will there ever be a Battle Mage and other magic?
Hey there,

Other ranged weapons could be added in the future, but as you correctly read, magic will be added with subtlety (buffs, curses, faith, etc.). Features are subject to change due to new opinion or issues of implementation, but as it stands currently and as it has always stood, the phrase no fireballs is the philosophy on magic in GV. 

I hope that helped!
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