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Updates Changelog v.
27-01-2017, 16:10, (This post was last modified: 27-01-2017, 19:09 by bartold.)
Changelog v.
[Image: 268.jpg]


New update has just been applied! The most important change is introduction of unique NPC vendors offering rewards for Glory, such as ability to reset attributes or passive abilities. Many more rewards will come soon!

Moreover, we have added the first events for crafters – crafting orders! You will find them in main towns, on Mereley peninsula and in “Dead Raven” inn in the Northern part of Stoneholm. There are also numerous fixes to existing events, mechanics of boiling oil and many more. Enjoy!

Changelog v.

– Introduced the Glory Rewards Shop which can be accessed by talking to Quartermasters who can be found near spawn point in Dunfen and Mereley – click RMB on one of them to access the shop
– From now on, passive abilities reset is limited like attributes points reset
– Added new type of event: crafting missions in Dunfen and Mereley ports, on peninsulas near main towns and in the “Dead Raven” inn in the Northern part of Stoneholm
– Improved the Last Stand event
– Improved sabotage events and limited them so after capturing a flag there will be only one active sabotage event per nation
– Improved interaction-based events
– Increased damage of bows and spears
– Improved damage effects of boiling oil and camprifes
– Removed skeleton tattoos from random NPC enemies, like sailors and corsairs
29-01-2017, 00:54,
RE: Changelog v.
Why did you rebuff bows? Were melee weapons buffed, to bring them both in line with each other? Melee should always be more dmg then a bow. As bows already have the advantage of distance.

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