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Updates Changelog v.
17-02-2017, 16:11, (This post was last modified: 17-02-2017, 17:06 by Arron.)
Changelog v.
[Image: 317.jpg]

Hello, warriors!

New update has just been applied! Last week you have received a possibility to set upgradable objects on fire – from now on you can also stop the fire! This change inflicted implementation of wells which you can build in each settlement under control of your nation.

We have also improved the Ragi’s event to make it possible to launch even on servers with lower population. On the other hand, from now on it will be harder to initiate it over and over. There are also numerous minor improvements and tweaks for world events and various systems, as well as another extension of tutorial and hints for new players.

See you in battle!

Combat Update – Progress

Animations: 90% ready
We are currently doing intensive tests of integrated controller update and new animations. Two of our pogrammers have been delegated to work only on this update. During this phase we are polishing both mechanics and user experience, so in effect the combat update will greatly improve the feeling of battles. We are also working on another change aimed to greatly improve immersion – character’s head will follow the nearby “points of interest”, like players, enemies, resources and so on.

We have also done a major improvement of the hits detection and synchronizing it with actual animations. We are testing some new mechanics as well – an ability to interrupt enemy attack with player’s own strike. Moreover, we already have animations for crouching and throwing stones – they will be implemented later.

Controller remake: 80% ready
It is possible to roam and fight and we currently polish the system. Among other changes to come soon, we modified server-side hit detection, which will now be able to operate even in heavy traffic situation.

Synchronisation remake: 100% ready
Just waiting for the other subsystems to be completed.

Database Migration – Progress Update

We are currently preparing to database migration – we will migrate inventories and depots to the new database system. This is the most serious part of the migration process. The process will start within a week and will take approximately 5 days to finish.

Changelog v.

– Implemented a possibility to stop fire on upgradable objects
– Implemented wells in all upgradable settlements – you can build them on your own to get access to fresh water which is required to stop fire
– Improved the Ragi’s event to make it possible to launch even on servers with lower population – on the other hand, from now on it will be harder to initiate it over and over
– Minor tweaks to the “Demons of the Past” and “Blood Fortress” world events
– Minor tweaks to the starting events
– Tweaks for Glory – increased amount of Glory earned for killing enemy players and reduced amount of Glory earned for events
– Removed a lot of unused materials from loot
– Added next hints for new players, explaining basics of capturing and upgrading location
– Restored an original weaponsmith from Audunstede
17-02-2017, 17:00,
RE: Changelog v.
90 % animations done , i am excited.
17-02-2017, 23:32,
RE: Changelog v.
(17-02-2017, 17:00)baronandy Wrote: 90 % animations done ,  i am excited.

So close Smile
[Image: 6c31d2b1a60faf1bfbac90a5077e9ad4.png] Ray Monty, Community Manager

My Twitter: @GV_Fiore

18-02-2017, 01:01,
RE: Changelog v.
animations...almost there *breathes heavily in foxes*
[Image: Eo3IobO.jpg?1]

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