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Just bought from steam, new player. server down?
19-02-2017, 06:30,
Just bought from steam, new player. server down?
Hi so i did a google of world pvp games and someone suggested this, after watchinga few youtube videos it looked liek a bit of fun so i decided to purchase it from steam for 25 bucks. anywhos i just downlaoded it and on launch it said servers were down Sad just my luck. is there a way i can find out the server status. also being a new player i was wondering if anyopne had any tips or if there is an aussie guild i could join. ill mostly be playing around 7-10pm weekdays and longer sesssions on the weekends.

does anyone know any good player builds and what classes/setups or viable.
Im a typical hunter/roguey kinda player in other mmos i have played, so I am hoping for a nice archer/dagger build, but also just want to know what alot of ppl are playing and how they are spending theier time and what is the ebst way to lvl ect.
Im not huge on crafting and proffessions, ill do them if they provide good benefits if i have to, but im mostly focused im levelling and for the end game world pvp/

thanks peeps any detailed info would be highly apprecited
09-03-2017, 18:59,
RE: Just bought from steam, new player. server down?
you don`t have a specific class , you have some points what you get them while you lvl up, and you can choice what you wana be , melee,range, most of the combat its based on stamina withdraw for melee, but when you will be able to enter in game you will see , very simple and fun.

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