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Updates Changelog v.
27-02-2017, 14:43,
Changelog v.
[Image: 268.jpg]


New update has just been applied! Among numerous improvements it introduces significant changes to the crafting system. Mining and Metallurgy recipes have been redesigned and expanded with brand new rare resources used to craft top-tier weapons and armors. We have done major improvements to upgrades balance as well, redesigning lists of required materials. We are also finally migrating inventory system to new database – read below for details.

See you in battle!

Migration of inventory system

We have started migration process of inventories, depots and items to the new database system. It is more reliable, faster and allows data caching which will improve database speed and accessibility on all servers. Also Depot and Inventory backend systems were redesigned to fix issues.
You will see migration information when you will log in to the server. Please be patient during this process, as you may have to wait a few minutes in migration queue.

Changelog v.

– Redesigned Mining and Metallurgy recipes, as well as metal-based materials required to craft weapons and armors
– Added 2 new high quality types of iron ore: siderite and magnetite which can be found in mountain/volcanic areas and near lakes and rivers
– Redesigned and rebalanced materials required for upgrading different objects in locations controlled by players
– Implemented separate requirements of materials needed to upgrade the newest types of upgradable objects, like farms, mines etc.
– Doubled Glory earned for tournament
– Modified the Pilgrim’s Staff recipe to prevent exploiting it for power-leveling
– Minor improvements of the Glory window interface, including fixed tooltips
– Unlocked two last tabs in depot
– Fixed an issue causing corpses of dead players blocking other characters
– Fixed “The Treacherous Company” and “Troublesome Highlanders” events
– Fixed an issue allowing to open upgrades window in enemy locations
– Fixed an issue allowing to stop fire in enemy locations
– Fixed broken image in one of inventory tabs

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