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Updates Changelog v.
14-03-2017, 16:27, (This post was last modified: 14-03-2017, 16:29 by bartold.)
Changelog v.
[Image: 284.jpg]

People of Stoneholm, either Midlanders or Ismirs, recently are frightened by the rumours about mysterious strangers who have been seen somewhere in the Northern part of the island. Although there is no one who could confirm the news, every single man carries his weapon ready and villagers stay close to their houses. Beware, travellers!

Changelog v.

– Added 15% chance of downgrading a part of fortifications after capturing a settlement (temporary solution until siege machines are implemented, as most of the towns are fully upgraded all the time)
– Increased by 1 amount of buildings needed to be destroyed before taking a settlement – this change is aimed to increase both the time of capturing locations and dynamics of upgrades
– Improved flow of progression of the Armoursmithing profession, adjusting levels of recipes and required materials to parameters of crafted heavy armors
– Added a new location – a bandits encampment placed by a waterfall, with a ruined castle on top of a nearby mountain
– Added recipes for brigandines
– Further improvements of tutorial
– Removed portcullis from the Southern gate of Dunfen to better guide new players
– Fixed too long torches attack range

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