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Suggestions and wishes
15-03-2017, 03:16, (This post was last modified: 15-03-2017, 23:14 by Andriushka.)
Suggestions and wishes
I would like to write many suggestions in this thread. I do not speak English and constantly use a translator. I want to write in one topic, it is more convenient for me.

1) Penalties for players for defeat

Each player has statistics as single player games have. But the main parameter of statistics is the number of defeats. There are a total number of defeats and current (active) number of defeats. If the player is defeated his character is covered in scars and he loses parameters points. But he can always restore parameters points.

The number of active defeats is equal to the number of points which the hero will lose.

5 defeats points (not only 5 defeats but) = -5 points in player parameters (Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, Wisdom). Defeat from other players is considered to be 2 defeats points. Defeats from monsters are considered to be 1-1.5 defeat points. A character can have a maximum penalty equal to -100 points (approximately 20% of the maximum quantity).

Having defeated another player, 2 points are immediately restored. Player can restore 1-1.5 point by defeating monsters, but it's too long by defeating even high in strength monsters. All other defeat, eg falls from height - add 0.5 defeat points. Teleportation to the arena also add 0.5 defeat points (even if the player is stuck in the object and can not get out anyway). Now teleportation can be used to move to a city without traveling. But the number of defeats in the statistics is not equal to the current number of defeats points (which player need to reduce).

If the player has a penalty of -100 points his last 20 levels will be canceled (the sequence of levelling should be remembered). And his current parameters will be reduced. It is possible to sell special elixirs for points of valor or money as variant. If the player is the first level, he has -100 max points (in theory). New parameters points will be remembered but will not give bonuses until the number of defeat points is reduced.

Game is about battles. Fighting for the land and castles warriors must sacrifice and take risks. Now defeat gives no penalties. On the contrary, many are so teleported to the town using defeat as already mentioned above. I think that the bringing into game of such penalty will bring rigor to the game and make the current status of the character more valuable. I think that less than now the players will not play if the penalty is not liked by many people. But the new players expect hardcore, not only defeat and lose a couple of items that nobody needs (if an entry-level player)

2) When I got out of the first town I was surprised how big the safe zone was (almost the current version of the game). I think it should be reduced by a third and only because they are surrounded by a low simple wooden plow around large wooden walls aroud town. The new player also expects hardcore and the first exit outside the city walls, but sees a huge safe zone in the beginning. It really spoils the impression as well as very weak many enemies or many resources places. But I like the way it looks.

3) And one more thing, is it possible to make a player start the game without 1 level. At first he is not a warrior and chooses only a trade profession and starting parameters. And only after completing tutorial gets the first level before that he is commoner.

4) I do not really like the beginning with 80 points and I'm almost certain that 1-2-3 investment points are a little strange and restricts character customization, but the parameters allow to determine what parameters your opponent has. I hope the developers will make a raise for one point as much as possible or the higher the parameter, the less the gain.
16-03-2017, 11:15,
RE: Suggestions and wishes
1) Penalty points is an interesting idea but complex and hard to implement/balance. And it hinders a lot people who don't have much time to play : for example once a guy is a level 100 he would play a few hours a day only to pvp, and if he sucks and dies a lot he's fucked up big time. I think getting your stuff looted is annoying enough.

2) Safe zone is this big because people kept killing their own nation, especially high levels to grief.

3) Forcing people to do the tutorial might not be bad idea..

4) That's up to the devs Wink Personnaly I don't like the fact you start with 80 points, how easy it is to kill mobs at the start, and the balanace of low tier weapons Smile
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20-03-2017, 00:04, (This post was last modified: Yesterday, 12:15 by Andriushka.)
RE: Suggestions and wishes
Thank you for your opinion. I almost did not play MMO games and I want to add my wishes based on single player games. But I, too, rely on the fact that many people play the game. When I played in Gloria Victis want so many additions and improvements.

5) The global element of the game associated with the plot and territory - the main large towns are such because they are built around ancient one-way portals. These main portals only as many as the factions. Portals of exits are on the map in ordinary cities controlled by clans and factions. All as now, but only in each castle (town) there is a portal of an input. If a character dies in any part of the map he does not move to the nearest city (this rule is very bad for the game as for me). He is always transferred to the main town, in which there is an altar of resurrection and portal. Only then he can use the one-way portal to move to a last town (castle) accessible to his clan or faction. There is a restriction. You can use the portal once in a certain long time. Use it often does not work. And many characters will have to leave the town on foot (or on horseback) during the siege. The main town should not only be for beginners. Free exit portals can be in different places on the map, not only in the castles, but also in temples and other special buildings. Periodically work, as ex. Such a system with portals.

This does not allow you to move beyond the walls of the desired town (as if flying around the world). The main town will always be populated by someone, it will not be empty. The huge portal looks beautiful and complements the environment. I think that such a global mechanics would be interesting.

When the character teleports he automatically opens a paper map that brings him closer to the teleportation point, he can notice a lot of the details of the paper map that are hidden from him when the map is opened. These details can be seen only when the map is approaching during teleportation. This is just an effect when loading a location.

6) In total there are 3 factions in the game. It seems to me that four factions are too many, and two are too few. The game is not just about fighting factions and I'm counting on that with a three factions it will be more interesting to look and a global map and changes on it, considering that different clans of one faction are fighting each other. It even has to ensure that the game had the sub-factions within one faction. The change of power, which is reflected in the plot. 6 sub-factions for the three fractions. Something like that.

It seems to me that it would be very interesting if the third faction were tribes of Indians (light armor, bows and tomahawks). Something like this. And the three factions would be very different. I believe that the Indians would be very suited to the game world, large open areas, horses, magic etc. But not a strict eastern-western medieval game world. The walls of the main Indian town are built of large stones.

7) Road signs near the main roads. You can read where this direction leads on the index, the name of the town and which clan belongs to. Or just road signs.

8) Young-Old-Ancient-Legendry species of animals and monsters. Not only old wolf or old bear. Current wolf will be "Young wolf fur" etc.

9) Make in the game language settings
a) Language of the game interface and short descriptions
b) Language of text dialogues of characters
c) The voice of the characters (option b and c can be together)

10) All mycelium and bushes appear on the map randomly in different places after picking. Resources of one place may not appear for a long time. Presence of rare trees and rare wood in game.

11) When the character is in the water, his movement speed is reduced by 25-33%. I think this should be a must. The character can not start swimming without changing the speed of movement. The world of the game looks like all the rivers and water surface swim easily and quickly. When the character does not lose speed in the water it does not look good. Here, even without taking into account the battle, it would be better if it were in the game. And if the character in the water uses a sprint he will receive only a penalty. Sprint in the water uses a lot of power, but the character will be able to escape from shore to a safe shooting range. And the character can very slowly restore the stamina in the water, but only if he does not move, but is on the surface of the water. And the armor does not affect the amount of energy used when swimming (so you do not have to often take off your clothes) but affects the overall speed of swimming, which can be very different.

When a character reaches a certain line of the sea, he throws it back. He can not cross this line. Only ships and boats can swim the sea.

Energy is only used a lot for swimming under water.

And it is better if the width of the rivers would be a bit larger.

12) A bonfire on the ground gives a bonus of 45-60 seconds, but only on condition that the character crouched to rest in his zone, did not walked or run past and especially did not run past on the sprint. The effect of healing is not restored, a new effect can be obtained only when the current is over. Not to be often near the fire.

13) I think that it is not very good that the fall from landscape is not realized beyond the edge of the cliff. Only sliding on the rock. It would be good if all the rocks had cliff-curbs, for which the character automatically falls down. Using additional fall animation. All the cliffs are visible that this is a cliff and the character can fall from it. But all the cliffs on the whole map have 15-20% of roadside places where the character can come down. Using another complementary animation and foot stops relative to the surface. These places randomly appear (from the set of ready-made paths) on the map, so that the character is looking for a way to go. In the new pose, the former path may no longer have a road, but only a cliff. The cliff is very different from hidden path. But from afar the path can not be immediately detected.

14) Increase in the gobal map size by 35-50% maximum, no longer needed. The main thing is filling and changing the world. Outside small images of special objects should dynamically appear and disappear from the main paper world mapmap. The base map of the world has only general outlines and main cities with castles. Perhaps small towns that can be rebuilt can also temporarily appear in all places (pre-set places). If now there is a Raiders camp in the world, it will appear on a paper map (it is not required only in one place), if it is not it will not be marked on the map. Or it will not be marked for the character who did not find this camp.

It seems to me that the level design in game not very good. Something is missing or too narrow. The mountains have too much contrast, rivers and ponds as poured water on the ground, lack of swamps etc. I do not want to say that it's done badly, but it looks and feels like a very basic workpiece. As a simple highmap in 3D engine. Only used the brush of lifting and lowering the terrain and nothing more. But this is also an alpha version.

15) Each character has a certain number of arrows. For example 40 arrows. When a character shoots 5 arrows the arrows begin to recover 1 arrow in 2 seconds out of combat and 1 arrow in 4 seconds in combat. But at once 5 arrows are added, not one by one. 5 arrows in 10 seconds outside the battle (hunting) and 5 arrows in 20 seconds in battle. Yes, the number of arrows is infinite, but this element shows that they too can end. Special arrows in inventory slots give big bonuses (and penalty as an option), but they are expensive cost and there are 10-15 of special arrows. During shooting/attack, arrows do not recover, recover only between shots/attacks. Defending the town, the arrows recover slightly faster. A cart of ammunition can restore the number of arrows faster.

16) Each weapon in the slots has its own picture and the images do not repeat. Perhaps this is the alpha version cost.

Damaged things have a special shortcut in the slot.

17) The iron teeth of the gate must go a little to the ground and be marked on the ground. The edges of the doors should not merge together when the door closes. But this is only the costs of the alpha version.

18) Replace the picture of the gray skull in the top of the interface (friendly fire), the shield icon. For the beginner, the difference between these pictures (two skulls) is not clear and this looks strange. But the shield is also replaced with a red skull when switching.

19) In creating things, objects like a pestle and mortar have a strip of wear. Different mortar and pestle add a different effect. In slots, such things are not displayed with a number. When the item is worn out, it will not work and pestle and mortar break and removed from the inventory.

And in the crafting window do not need to show % of the new level, only the green bar. But this is also an alpha version.

20) Iron coins are absolutely superfluous in the game, and one gold monet does not look very good. It is better if there are only copper, silver and gold coins. Does it look bad if the value of a particular item is 500 gold? But not 5 gold. Four types of coins are probably the first thing that seemed strange to me in the game interface. Does not look good. Coin arrangement is horizontal [152] [46] [92] in interface window.

As an option, if you need one division, higher gold coins can be precious stones or crystals. One crystal = 100 gold monets (one current gold monet). One crystal looks more valuable than one gold coin in inventory.

21) You can not rest when you slip, fall, swim and when enemies are close. But this is also an alpha version too.

If the game can make a temporary camp, then this can be done when the character crouches to rest, not when he is standing on his feet.

22) In the crafting window to the left of the recipes is written the number of these items in the current inventory of the character. All items are arranged alphabetically (green, red and gray) and do not change their position in the list.

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