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Coming soon passive abilities
15-03-2017, 15:18, (This post was last modified: 15-03-2017, 15:40 by Bared.)
Coming soon passive abilities
Hello, as i was allocating my passive abilities points i faced a problem. So there's a stage system, i mean you need to put 10 points in one ability to unlock the next stage, and it goes like this till the fifth one. But to the fifth one i can see, when i hover my mouse over abilities, that they'll "coming soon !". But, i was to curious and cliked on one ability like to spend a point into it and i was surprised to see that my point was spent even if the ability's mentioned as an not actually available one. So here's my question, i don't own reset abilities points to make some tests and to see if i can spend points in the fifth stage (which's a really attractive one :p) even if abilities there are mentioned as some "coming soon !"ones, i mean, my question's : even if there's the "coming soon!" thing, can i spend my points into it, maybe it will be efficient into my character's statistics anyway ? Or is the point i spent into it just lost and i'll need to buy a reset point to get him back ?

I made a screen of it, below

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16-03-2017, 11:09,
RE: Coming soon passive abilities
I'm pretty sure coming soon don't work. So you should have to buy a reset. :/
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17-03-2017, 16:15,
RE: Coming soon passive abilities
Thank you for your answer.
13-02-2018, 10:54,
RE: Coming soon passive abilities

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