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Events PVP event incoming! To arms, warriors – for Glory!
27-04-2017, 21:06, (This post was last modified: 27-04-2017, 21:08 by bartold.)
PVP event incoming! To arms, warriors – for Glory!
[Image: 282.jpg]

Greetings warriors!

Starting this Saturday at 7pm CEST, we are planning a PvP event and everyone is welcome! This will not only be a one-time event. It will be a series of chain events that continue until the release of the new combat overhaul, which is due to hit the servers very soon. With each new event, a new arena will be selected for the battle, where the Ismirs and Midlanders fight for glory to hold and protect the lands!

For all who participate, you will have the opportunity to be featured in a video we will be making based on the event itself, which will be showing off the last moments of the current combat system – a last farewell! And for those who are the lucky winners, you will receive a very special reward!

We look forward to having you join us for this current combat's last farewell.

As always, see you in battle!
19-02-2019, 13:24,
RE: PVP event incoming! To arms, warriors – for Glory!
nice sharing amazing lovely one

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