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Tavern Meet the Team: Weekly Insight (Today's victim: Piotr!)
02-05-2017, 19:22, (This post was last modified: 02-05-2017, 20:32 by bartold.)
Meet the Team: Weekly Insight (Today's victim: Piotr!)
[Image: e3454f7c70de26e1cf15ef357de22accbaa5c9f5.png]

Welcome everyone to our weekly Meet the Team Q&A of Black Eye Games, which will introduce a new member of the team and give you some insight into the people behind the magic of Gloria Victis. 

This week our first victim is: Piotr Pindwin Urbański!
1) What is your position on the team?
I’m a programmer, located little bit closer to back end/engine than to front-end/gameplay.

2) What is a typical day like working on this project?
Coffee, catch up on communication channels, then a loop: locate issue, plan how to solve, solve, repeat. That’s for the typical day. Additionally, I tend to help other programmers design code architecture – that’s sort of my professional specialization.

3) How did you first hear about Gloria Victis?
I learned about Gloria from an actual, physical leaflet on a Digital Dragons conference in Cracow, Poland. It’s a go-to place when you are looking for a job in games development in Poland.

4) What do you enjoy most about being part of this project?
It’s really fascinating to see the process of creating the game from behind the stage, while also seeing players interact with it. I mean, it’s easy to forget that there are people behind every piece of work you watch or play and I catch myself doing it all the time. So having a chance to be a part of Gloria dev team gives such a great chance to see other people commenting in a spirit of “they should do that”, “I hope devs don’t do this” etc. 

5) What are you working on at the moment?
New controller Smile Surprise, isn’t it? Last few months have been really crazy. We know we are long overdue and that feels terrible. This is, however, too important of a feature to have it released unfinished. My part is mostly about creating and networking character controller.

6) Have you ever worked on videogames before?
Yeah, I’ve been in gamedev for about 3 years before joining the GV team.

7) What is your favourite aspect of Gloria Victis - any specific feature(s)?
Well, I believe I’ve been vocal about it a few times before, but yeah: archery. I mean, the sound, the feeling. Love it.

8) What is the feature/addition you're most looking forward to?
I’d like to say I’m looking forward to seeing new animations in action, but I work on them, so it doesn’t really count, does it? In that case, I’ll point to guild control. I really like being part of a bigger group and would love to serve as a crafter, once the place is well kept under control.

9) What type of character do you usually play (role, weapon, armour, play-style, etc)?
Light armored archer/guerilla fighter, hit & run type probably. I like to turn the tides of a fight with some unexpected arrows Smile

10) In 3 years from now, what is your vision for Gloria Victis?
Wow, 3 years is a long time! Have no clue, to be honest – so I’m going to say how I see it in 1 year instead: finished, with all core features in place, in a release phase. Of course, an MMO is never completely finished and there are always more updates to be added. So, in a year, I picture team picking on next big feature to add.

11) Weirdest bug you've ever seen in GV?
Incorrectly scaled shield, covering half the sky #truestory

12) Your biggest accomplishment in GV, either personal or for the team in general? 
That’s not really visible, but: our not-so-new-now database system and database migration. I was one of two people creating it and had a chance to create big library of features used on daily basis by whole programming team. Nothing beats the feeling of designing a system and seeing it work just as it was planned on paper!

13) Are there any features you had in mind that could not make it into GV; and if so, what are they?
Highly advanced AI. Mobs AI remake is yet to come, but I already know I will have to hold my horses when adding features. That’s a shame, but too many AI calculations would kill server performance.

14) Outside of Gloria, what are some of your favourite games? 
Hearthstone, Witcher 3 (especially Hearts of Stone expansion!), Liero.

15) If Gloria had a $10,000,000 budget, what would be the first feature you would want to add?
Ummm… Would probably go for nature inspired ecosystem simulation with species extinctions/plagues, fixed amount of resources and very “real” economy. I wonder though if 10M would be enough to do that right…

16) Favourite type of music?
Psytrance, ambient, folk and film/games music.

17) Favourite movie/type of movies?
Going to answer by pointing favourite TV series playing currently: Stranger things (!), Game of thrones, Westworld, Better call Saul.

18) Something unique or interesting about yourself?
I make wine as a hobby, don’t know whether that counts? Also, I tought a cat to sit, stand and give a paw on request. We are currently working on a “dead cat” command.

19) Anything else you'd like to say to the players?
Ummm, sorry about the animations delay, guys! It’s not our bad will, it just takes a LOT of time to do things right and touches almost every game system. I already dream about it (literally dream, like in nightmares), in which I’m going crazy when I press A and don’t move left.

20) And final question: Ismir or Midlander?

That's it! Stay tuned to check out the rest of the members for their own Q&A. We hope you enjoyed this post and we'll see you next week with our next victim!
[Image: 6c31d2b1a60faf1bfbac90a5077e9ad4.png] Ray Monty, Community Manager

GV Twitter: @GloriaVictisMMO

06-10-2018, 13:08,
RE: Meet the Team: Weekly Insight (Today's victim: Piotr!)
thanks for sharing its lovely

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