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Meet the Team: Weekly Insight (Today's victim: Karol!)
06-06-2017, 18:24,
Meet the Team: Weekly Insight (Today's victim: Karol!)
[Image: e3454f7c70de26e1cf15ef357de22accbaa5c9f5.png]

Welcome everyone to our weekly Meet the Team Q&A of Black Eye Games, which will introduce a new member of the team and give you some insight into the people behind the magic of Gloria Victis.

This week our new victim is: Karol Wicher!

1) What is your position on the team?
My main position is 3D artist but when needed, I also do 2D graphics and do minor tasks related to animations.

2) What is a typical day like working on this project?
I start the day with tea, I set up the headphones and then turn on Youtube or Spotify. Most of the time, we improve the existing models of buildings and equipment. I am often diverted between tasks – in the morning doing modifications of models and textures; later in the day creating new models; and in the afternoon I return to the morning tasks.

3) How did you first hear about Gloria Victis?
As well as Jog, I have been here since the beginning of the project. I was working on the very first assets for Gloria Victis, varying from environment to equipment.

4) What do you enjoy most about being part of this project?
Open world, the possibility of free exploration and crafting items.

5) What are you working on at the moment?
I am adding nation-based color themes to armor models and bow models for the new animations.

6) What is your best memory of Gloria Victis? Any funny/interesting in-game stories?
Sleepless nights during the GV Steam launch and pulling confetti from between the keyboard keys.

7) What is your favourite aspect of Gloria Victis - any specific feature(s)?
My favorite activity is gathering materials, crafting and exploring new places in the game.

8) What type of character do you usually play (role, weapon, armour, play-style, etc)?
Full plate swordsman with a long sword, jumping in the middle of the fights.

9) In 3 years from now, what is your vision for Gloria Victis?
A beautiful, living, big world – guild wars, treachery and fights for power, just like it happens in Game of Thrones.

10) Your biggest accomplishment in GV, either personal or for the team in general?
Dark circles under eyes, hundreds of liters of tea and tons of eaten donuts, and in fact, every task that gets accomplished and is fun to accomplish is an achievement. For the team I think, the greatest achievement was the successful Steam launch.

11) Are there any features you had in mind that could not make it into GV; and if so, what are they?
It seems to me that dragons, orcs, magicians, heroes who are forced to some courageous, heroic deeds like saving the world and all what is associated with high fantasy.

12) Outside of Gloria, what are some of your favourite games?
Gothic I and Half Life series.

13) If Gloria had a $10,000,000 budget, what would be the first feature you would want to add?
I have two things, the first are mounts and the second is ground terraforming.

14) Favourite type of music?
Rock, Punk, Jazz and classical music.

15) Favourite movie/type of movies?
There are several films that have become my favorites, like "La Migliore offerta", "Intouchables" and "The Game" with great Michael Douglas.

16) Something unique or interesting about yourself?
I love to play chess and taste new brands of beer. I’m quite good at playing billiards too. I am a firefighter and medical rescuer as well. I am also very active in the local community.

17) Anything else you'd like to say to the players?
See you on arena! Smile

18) And final question: Ismir or Midlander?
Midland for the win!

That's it! Stay tuned to check out the rest of the members for their own Q&A. We hope you enjoyed this post and we'll see you next week with our next victim!
06-06-2017, 21:45,
RE: Meet the Team: Weekly Insight (Today's victim: Karol!)
Fox is the part of the team, I wanna be a victim too :v
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