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Events The very last 2-factions PVP event tomorrow!
14-07-2017, 16:26,
The very last 2-factions PVP event tomorrow!
[Image: 06c494301cacf09c9035ca04f0ed0253bdbdf4a8.jpg]

Greetings warriors!

With new nation - Azebs - coming to the game really soon, we have a pleasure to invite you to join the very last 2-factions PvP event tomorrow!

The event will start at 7pm CEST, with group vs. group fights taking place in the arena. The battles will take place on the [NA] Aquilla server, so don't miss your chance – the best team will be immortalised in the in-game memorials! Every participant will also receive a reward for taking part in the event, so sharpen your weapons once more and pepare for yet another glorious battle for fame and fortune!

As always, we are looking for your video footage from the event – we may decide to include in the official video promoting the past and future PVP events, showcasing the old combat vs. the new! Any and all footage from the event that you wish to submit please send to

Also, reminder about sharing your adventures! Post your gameplay video and/or screenshot and get a chance to win a game key! Read for more details

To arms, warriors – for Glory!
13-12-2018, 14:16,
RE: The very last 2-factions PVP event tomorrow!
Found nice thought here.
Yesterday, 13:55,
RE: The very last 2-factions PVP event tomorrow!
nice sharing

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