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Chat rules and penalties associated with non-compliance
20-08-2017, 16:38,
Chat rules and penalties associated with non-compliance
Welcome, warriors!

As chat moderation tools have appeared in the game last week, we would like to present to you a short list of suggestions and rules for live chat in Gloria Victis.

The Gloria Victis chat is a platform to facilitate communication between players. Respect for other users – even for those in opposite nations – is a fundamental principle. Remember that there is another human on the other side – a Saucy Azeb, a vulgar Ismir, or a Midlander who is self-conscious – we are all children of the Greatfather. Smile

1. The account owner is fully responsible for the messages posted to the chat by all users of his/her account.

2. Chat content that is abusive, vulgar, pornographic, homophobic, offends religious feelings, political beliefs, or propagates violence is prohibited.

3. Building tension between the nations existing in the game is not prohibited, but everything should remain within common sense.

4. It is unacceptable to give obscene names to guilds and characters.

5. Please treat others the way you wish to be treated.

List of offenses:

– Offending other players: Things that may also be considered offensive: deliberate humiliation, comparisons to animals, mocking. Moderator also has the right to penalize the player for offending the immediate family of another chat user
– Spamming, flooding, cluttering with one-word phrases, writing sentences in capital letters or "waves", using pictograms, Windows character map, deliberate spelling mistakes, stretching chat with too long of messages
– Excessive placement of links to external sites, videos, forums
– Provocations
– Copy and pasting private/mail messages into chat
– Posting in the chat linking the script opening pages, links intended to "scare" players, YT links with vulgarisms, insulting other users and players
– Distribution of content/links containing pornography
– Distribution of photographs and/or personal data without the consent of the owner
– Encouraging the use of bugs in the game and promoting bots/exploits to popularize them among other players

Chat users may be temporarily silenced, kicked from the server, or temporarily banned by the administrator or moderator for abuse or breaking chat rules.

You can report problems and breaking chat rules by sending an email ( or contact us via Skype, Discord or Facebook. Remember about the screenshots!
29-10-2017, 01:51,
RE: Chat rules and penalties associated with non-compliance
Seeing as the chat is fairly toxic atm. Maybe smart to instate some more mods? Especially now with a huge influx of new people!
17-08-2018, 09:05,
RE: Chat rules and penalties associated with non-compliance
nice sharing thanks alot

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