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Animations and pop in
20-09-2017, 20:33,
Animations and pop in
I'm not sure if it's just me but the game's combat animations look extremely slow, the animations - even after the update - while looking good, feel unnatural, they clip through, swing slow , and the AI's combat animations are even worse.
Also, there is a lot of pop in. Not of terrain, but of models.
I'm running on medium settings, 70 fps and good ping on the European server.
I was wondering if it's just me, and if it is, how can I fix it?
If it's not me, how are the developers planning on fixing this?
21-09-2017, 10:36,
RE: Animations and pop in
Sometimes the game runs better on high setting. Try to remove the grass. Hopefully you have a good graphic card. But overall everyone experience lag and stutter once in a while. Try to compare to other RECENT YouTube of players see if it looks the same. Devs are making changes to make it smooter. Also are you playing with a Ethernet cable? Is your isp stable? Do you get more the 3mbs bandwith? Is someone in your house downloading or using Netflix? They are all factors in any mmorpg unless they are older then 8years.

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