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small improvement suggestions
03-11-2017, 15:21,
small improvement suggestions
Hy there, Id like to mention some usefull small improvements that can be done quickly I suppose:

- show success% of the equipment reinforcer, you wanna know it if you risk a good peace of armor Smile maybe add a possibility to upgrade 10 common to one decent.
- add some sort of sound effect when you hit a target with a bow would be very usefull
- make the enemys color darker or give a color blind option that makes the enemys name darker red, I am color blind and can hardly see the difference sometimes unfortunately Sad

Add on(not 100% sure about these):
- Give the optiion to switch your character to another Nation for a certain amount of gold or an item you must buy. It would be nice for ppl who first played the game solo and then like to join a guild in a different nation (Im not sure about this suggestion but I dont think it would imbalance the nation population, players are playing the nation they like anyways and it would pull out money)
- give a option in the crafting window to show all possible recipes so people know what they are looking for
- show the amount of contribution points you will get next thursday based on the actual glory lvl
04-11-2017, 20:36,
RE: small improvement suggestions
The nation switching option in my point of view could be done with item bought for real money.

There is no problem with creating new char of different nation. The only factors keeping players from creating new chars are time and name (if they want to keep it). Other things (like glory, crafting levels or list of known recipes) are based on time (spend certain amount of time diung certain activities and you will get what you had on previous char). Time is money and in my point of view is most valuable commodity you have. So I would suggest something like 5$/EUR for nation changing item for one char.

So if you are doped - change it as many times as you wish this saving yourself a lot of time.
The game need the juice flowing to get better. Smile
04-11-2017, 23:56,
RE: small improvement suggestions
yea I agree, maybe they can rent bigger server in the future with some kind of cosmetic market on their website. Also stuff like "battle cry" or addable additional emoticons could be something for that shop.
05-11-2017, 00:42,
RE: small improvement suggestions
- for the crafters who are max maybe add the option to buy constitution points for crafting xp
- give a short info what kind of wold event you can join because you never know and if you dont like it you are far away from you main city
- there should be a command for teleporting to the main city as it was before with the /unstuck.
20-02-2018, 03:01,
RE: small improvement suggestions
- give the option to sort the guild member llist by online players, so you dont have to scroll down the whole list all the time would be very helpfull

- inactive members could be auttomatically klicked from a guild once they are offline for more then 1 month or something, that would make the guilds total reputaion more accurate

- acustic feedback for hitting arrows, even if they are far away, special sound for headshots maybe

- a list of the recently gained contribution points or at least the points you get every thursday in the glory profile window
21-02-2018, 18:39,
RE: small improvement suggestions
What is really needed, is interactive number of items to craft (shift+lmb). Right now if we want to craft 245 items we have to click arrow 245 times. In vendor it works, in craft not.
25-02-2018, 15:18, (This post was last modified: 25-02-2018, 15:18 by m4x.)
RE: small improvement suggestions
nah you can change the number, it was bugged sometimes in the past but yesterday it worked..
26-02-2018, 15:33,
RE: small improvement suggestions
- allow guilds to give access to a guild castle to allys from the same nation. Maybe with the option to put fees for the access contract
27-02-2018, 03:53,
RE: small improvement suggestions
They can open the gates for you so what's the problem. All the workshops, materials and recipes are in the open world, so what's the problem. Guild castle is guild castle and belongs to the guild which fought and conquered it. No need to let in spy, traitor, enemy reloger or any other zerg inside.
Very good it keeps them outside and away.
27-02-2018, 22:17, (This post was last modified: 27-02-2018, 22:19 by m4x.)
RE: small improvement suggestions
Ye true its working that way at the moment. I was asking for the option because it would increase the income for workshops and it would add more content with small effort. It would make guild diplomacy more important and smaller guilds get an opportunity to have access to these castles for farming and crafting. This option doesnt mean that you have to do it if you dont have trust in a differnt guild. It would be like a contract for a specific time frame and maybe with the option to deny accesss 10min before and during the State of War timeframe. NPCS in the guild castle should not be killable unless in the State of war, so if your ally guild opens the gates for a enemy nation 10min before state of war, they cannot group up at the flag for a quick capturing, because npcs would kill them and they cannot hurt the npcs. I think it would be simple to implement and add alot of fun diplomacys to the game and again: You dont have to do it! Also it adds more value to the guild castle bcause you have more potential to gain money from your guild castle.
Btw some recipes are only available from npcs in the guild castle like Mamluks armor(Azeb nation).

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