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Super Low FPS
18-01-2018, 00:08,
Super Low FPS
Hey, good afternoon, i'm having a FPS issue. I just bought Gloria Victis but i cant play it at 13fps with low settings. Everything is on very low, what is wrong? I can play any other game without experiencing this fps issue. Here are my notebook specs

GeForce 940M
Intel Core i7
11.91 GB RAM
1920x1080, 60Hz

Please, help me, i want to play this game so bad. Ty for your attention
18-01-2018, 02:02, (This post was last modified: 18-01-2018, 02:06 by Whitedany.)
RE: Super Low FPS
I presume you're using laptop.
Classic remedies are:
1. Don't know which i7 series you have. If you have one with integrated GPU try to force using only external GPU --> Nvidia. Maybe system cannot force itself to use Nvidia card and uses only Intel GPU. Rather common issue. Use Nvidia Control Panel to do it.
2. Set system power setting to high. If you have power saving turned on, expect way lower performance.
3. How are the temps of the CPU and GPU? If too high you'll be facing throtling and low fps. Change thermal paste and clean inside of your laptop.
4. If you have HDD instead of SSD hard drive it may have slight influence on low fps during loading textures.

With i7-7700 and GTX 1060 in the capital city sometimes i've got maybe 40-50 fps........terrible game optimization and poor servers. So with your old 940 it is to be expected, but not all the time though Smile.
18-01-2018, 04:06, (This post was last modified: 18-01-2018, 04:17 by Bagre.)
RE: Super Low FPS
I tried all of that, nothing worked.. It's weird because i can play every other game on my laptop with good FPS, but it seems gloria victis is the exception. Ty for you answer tho. I just dont understand why the fps is so low since my laptop spec is above what is recommended on steam ...
18-01-2018, 19:02, (This post was last modified: 18-01-2018, 19:03 by Whitedany.)
RE: Super Low FPS
I made some research and if your GPU is the older, just GeForce 940m, news are rather bad. It's performance is quite bad when compared with minimum, the gtx 295. GV's engine is rather crappy and badly optimized, so requirements are high. GPU and CPU have to deal with programming. With 64bit bandwith you won't do much these days.
With OC you could get a few FPS more, maybe you'll reach 20.
Have you tried changing settings to different than higher? Maybe this could help.
19-01-2018, 01:40,
RE: Super Low FPS
yeah, its not working. I guess i'll have to quit the game i just bought cause i cant play in these conditions lol. Thx for your answers
20-01-2018, 01:02,
RE: Super Low FPS
Bagre, please try these steps and let me know if there's any performance boost:
PR Manager, Designer

If you'd have any problem, please send us logs (Steam\SteamApps\common\Gloria Victis\gv_Data\output_log.txt
C:\Users\user_name\AppData\LocalLow\Black Eye Games Sp z o o_\Gloria Victis) to with a problem description.
24-05-2018, 07:12,
RE: Super Low FPS
Actually uncapping the FPS helped me alot. I had it on 60 and it chopped, but now when unlimited, its very ok.
28-09-2018, 04:28,
RE: Super Low FPS
How are your temps?

I ask because im running I7-7700 with 1050TI 4GB (Laptop) and getting about 40 in town and 60 in the word on medium settings with vsync on

My issue in my rig is the heat from the GPU disperses over top of the CPU, and since i noticed this game seems to be Cpu heavy, even with my Fans on max, my cpu creeps almost to 90c. with a room temp of about 75f

With a cooling pad it keeps it right around 85c and its smooth sailing from there.

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