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Ideas for the Game i Like
25-01-2018, 16:00, (This post was last modified: 27-01-2018, 13:34 by AlphaTaylor.)
Information  Ideas for the Game i Like
Hello Knights

I will create this thread so i can write down ideas that i get arround the day or night

i will update it every time i get an idea that i like and
i will try to explain it in detail so everyone knows what i mean.

////// Building Upgrade When Owner Changes //////

Building Upgrade stays when other nation capture it but upgrade loses a % off material
that material need to be refilled to keep the level off upgrade in a certain time
If the faction that was the previos owner of the building capture it back in a certain time
the upgrade stays like it was before.

///// Armour Balance /////

Armour Balance is very importent so i have following idea.

-Heavy Armour-

.Very Good Protection
.Lower movement speed than Medium Armour
.Lower rotation speed than Medium Armour
.higher stamina drain than medium Armour

-Medium Armour-

.Good Protection
.Lower movement speed than Light Armour
.Lower rotation speed than than Light Armour
.higher stamina drain than Light Armour

-Light Armour-

.Normal Protection
.Normal movement speed
.normal rotation speed
.normal stamina drain

////// Weapon Balance /////

((Work in progress))

///// Movement /////

The movement is a huge part of the game
the devs. allready have a good base of running ,walking fighting and rotation speed

i noticed that players in combat allways tend to woulk around each other

((Work in Progress))

///// Combat /////

((Work in Progress))

.Rework of kicking
.Rework of stuns and its duration
.Make combat smoother

I would like to hear your thoughts about my idears

Greetings Marc from Germany :)
[Image: udlapoa39f5.png]
17-03-2018, 14:23,
RE: Ideas for the Game i Like
Oh just seen your post. The thing with armors I totally agree. It's absolutely the way it should be. Can be tweaked with higher resistance to some certain damages, but all in all it's the how it would be the best. :3

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