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Armor system change idea
17-03-2018, 03:13,
Lightbulb  Armor system change idea
Hello dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I am rewriting this post because last one somehow didn't got created and I invested too much time in it and didn't copy it. Sad( I'm sad about that.... :'/

Heavy Armor:
Make most of defense for all current damage types except for oil, to has the most impact on mobility/stamina drain

Medium Armor:
Medium, in between of light and heavy of course.

Light Armor:
Lowest armor, highest mobility/lowest stamina drain.

Also all parts of the same type should give the greatest bonus %.

I wanna use all the heavy and be tanky with low dmg or something, and right now it's kinda totally a bad idea. Like light armor has higher bludgeon res than pierce or slash like if someone hit your clothes with mace won't brake yer bones ? ! Big Grin

Would really like to hear more feedback on this, would be really a good thing I am sure!
23-03-2018, 20:22,
RE: Armor system change idea
Or at least slightly.. uh actually a bit moooreeee bludgeoning resistance on Heavy and reduced on Light armours ? I believe that would do it

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