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Character Creation Descriptions Typos/Grammar/Spelling
20-04-2018, 19:25,
Brick  Character Creation Descriptions Typos/Grammar/Spelling
Hey guys,

Been enjoying GV for a few months now (On steam, hence why my forum title isn't donator). Today I decided to create another character and when I chose my Nation as Ismir & my origin as Styrborg, I noticed the Styrborg description on mouseover has some typos and grammatical errors. I know this might be trivial compared to other more pressing bugs, but was wondering if maybe there could be a form added to the site that allowed us to suggest edits to specific text in the game?

Barring that, i'd be willing to create a list in Excel or some other place that gives newly worded and revised suggestions to in-game text.

Example - The mouseover for Styrborg currently says:

"Styrborg is is a land of eventful history, plagued with both wars and volcano eruptions for ages. It is homeland of the world-known Clan Nightroar, warriors who know no fear."

My suggested edit:

"Styrborg is a land with an eventful history, plagued by wars and volcanic eruptions for ages. It is home to the world-renown Clan Nightroar, warriors who know no fear."
21-04-2018, 03:52,
RE: Character Creation Descriptions Typos/Grammar/Spelling
Good topic, these things are important because people actually like to read that stuff ( Which I like to do as well, and noticed that when I began, too ). You should join Discord Community here:
21-04-2018, 12:21,
RE: Character Creation Descriptions Typos/Grammar/Spelling
Every suggestion is very welcome. If you see any typos or grammatical errors, feel free to tell us about it. You can send me the list via PM.

Thank you!

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