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Event after tournament
03-05-2018, 12:59,
Event after tournament
I have a problem with event after tournament at Estovia. For least 2 weak I don't remember any siege event after tournament that Midland faction would defend the keep. No matter do we won or lose, we are 2nd or 3rd we always attack keep. I guess that's a bug, because it truly not fair for midland faction that never can defend because it's much harder to attack keep then defend it. If you look at Gloria ranking ppl that join just for event and have keep defend, get a lot of point for just a few minutes play at Estovia server then ppl playing dedicated to Estovia. Because of that bug what is the reason to play at all on Estovia if all you do for a day i worth less then defend after tournament. That very unfair and unfunny for our faction players, and shows that game favours 1 faction Azebs because they have defend event mostly.

My question is what is the mechanic of which faction def and which factions attack after tournament?
03-05-2018, 18:26,
RE: Event after tournament
I suppose I know why all that is happening and it's all done on purpose.
04-05-2018, 00:44,
RE: Event after tournament
Thank you.
Today we had defend after tournament at Estovia.
05-05-2018, 02:04,
RE: Event after tournament
Depends on how many locations your faction owns on that server I suppose. The system chooses a random location and the faction owning it defends.
06-05-2018, 11:07,
RE: Event after tournament
, Estovia usually looks like that
[Image: Estovia_2018.05.05-20.21.png]
or past least 2 weeks was even more dominated by Midlands, but all the time we had to attack at the event, also no matter did we win or lose tournament on 2 or 3 place it didn't change anything. So is this mean that more locations we have, less chance to defend after tournament we have...? Then Azebs should defend I guess but like you see on map Ismir do that... :?

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