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Third nation and what's next?
07-05-2018, 01:32,
Third nation and what's next?
Before the introduction of the third nation, Gloria Victis had its own order. Now it's like playing parodies. After entering the tournament, we immediately see that the arena for fighting for the central flag has not been changed. Only the path for a new nation at 90 degrees to the Red and Blue nodes has been added. The most injured are the Reds. Before they do anything they are under fire from archers from the other two nations. The building which stands on the left side of the Yellow shields effectively the fire between Yellow and Blue. Nations can make an appointment and artificially determine the outcome of the tournament. The win usually defends the siege castle (unclear rules). The siege of the castle of three nations is probably the most wrong solution. The defending nation almost always wins because the other two are fighting each other. Just like in a tournament, you can make an appointment and fight two nations against one. After the siege, we get the reward for fighting, the defenders get 10 times more glory points than the attacker and where justice is here. The glory ranking now shows which nation had more castle defenses. Then we have a post, a ritual of light or anger. A sentry is fighting two nations against one. The ritual consists in the fact that one nation defends three points and the other two must get only one where logic is here. Events to improve and the solution is simple in events can participate only 2 nations. The question is whether there will be 4 nations - because that would solve many problems. I see it like that - four nations sign up for the tournament, depending on the number of players, 1 vs 1 matches are determined. Winners attack the losers' castle. Then a ritual or a post for only two nations.
Gloria Victis is a game with potential but the creators introduce ill-conceived solutions. What to do to make it better here is the list:
- introduction of a guild deposit.
- shortening the time of the fight for guild castles now is 60 minutes plus 25.
- introduction of time of peace and time of war
- create a safe zone around the guild castle during the time of peace
- all players from a nation who has a castle can use it
- each player from a friendly clan who is in the team can open and close gates during a siege
- guilds can have locks on one server
- limiting the transition of players from servers crowded to servers that are less frequented at the same time, eg during the events.
- the player's account in the future should be assigned to the server with the possibility of change
- every guild should have its own castle
- creating a battle arena between guilds (guild castles and battlefield)
- introduction of a guild ranking
- introduction of duels 1 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3, 5 v 5
- catacombs, ragi, brandon, volcano and other future tasks should be run on the basis of writing to instances
- extending the time without looting after the end of the siege
- introducing the same score for the attackers and defending the castle plus, of course, a bonus for the task (the same rules to enter the tournament)
- a certain number of players can participate in sieges
- during the events (time of peace) you can not take over the locks

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