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Updates Gameplay improvements and optimization changes! (Changelog v.
10-05-2018, 15:21, (This post was last modified: 10-05-2018, 16:10 by bartold.)
Gameplay improvements and optimization changes! (Changelog v.
[Image: 351.jpg]

Hello warriors!

Another update this week is live! Today you receive further load of gameplay improvements and bug fixes. There are also several client- and server-side optimization improvements. Enjoy and see you in battle!

Changelog v.

– Restored the Deposit Slot Card in the Glory vendors’ assortment
– Updated the Guild Name Change in Contribution Points
– From now on, there is a minimal level requirement in order to register to the PVP tournament – the required level is 15
– Fixed detecting headshots on players
– Several client- and server-side optimization improvements
– Upgraded Aquilla’s machine – now it’s set on much better hosting
13-05-2018, 16:24,
RE: Gameplay improvements and optimization changes! (Changelog v.
I've watched a few videos with fight scenes from the game in very slow motion. It was extraordinarily hilarious. And the server was barley populated. You can work on the synchronisation over a thousand times but it doesn't seem you'll succeed when the server is "taking care" of players with poopy internet connections.

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