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Updates Time for some fun with herbs and alchemy! (Changelog v.
16-05-2018, 16:03,
Time for some fun with herbs and alchemy! (Changelog v.
[Image: 382.jpg]

Herbs, blends, alchemic elixirs… All that stood for medicine in the medieval times. Now you can try them out too with just added a new branch of herbal and alchemic consumables! Based on actual properties of various plants, they’re a way to boost your character in desired way, additional method of customizing your character… and danger for unwary users. Be careful and don’t overdose!

There are also tons of gameplay improvements, bug fixes and optimization changes. Have fun and see you in battle!

(P.S. We still can’t express they joy of looking at this beautiful medieval painting named “Volkvar on fire”, created by an artist called Partyzant – hope you love it as much as we do!)

Changelog v.

Herbalism and Alchemy:

We have introduced a new branch of the Herbalism and Alchemy consumable items. Temporary they can be obtained from Quartermasters in Lord’s Wrath Abbey, Lordly Haven and Hordun Temple. We are currently working on adding required models of plants to gather and alchemic workstations – once they’re added, we’ll also introduce the entire branch for Herbalism and Alchemy recipes.
Herbalism and Alchemy is meant to be a way to boost your character in desired way, additional method of customizing your character… and danger for unwary users. This iteration introduces mostly herbal products which aid the organism’s natural abilities with proper selection of ingredients. Future plans also include more advanced products which will may let you to surpass the physical limitations of human body but with noticeable side-effects, as well as more refined medicines allowing to cure negative effects applied by the environment or other players, such as diseases and bleeding.
– Added herbal blends – temporary they can only be obtained from Quartermasters in Lord’s Wrath Abbey, Lordly Haven and Hordun Temple
– Effects of the herbal blends doesn’t apply after the first use – they have to be consumed regularly for longer time but carefully, or the side-effects, such overdose and toxicity, will appear
– Effects applied by herbs are stacking with each consumed dose – once the therapy is complete, you receive longer, stronger buff (except for Stoneholm Tincture)
– Duration and effects of toxicity of your character increase with each applied dose of herbal product – in the beginning it lasts short but in the end may be dangerous, so it’s advised to wait until toxicity level goes down before applying new doses
– There are 2 types of herbs – one affects the circulatory system and the other the nervous system; in order to prevent an overdose, an hour-long break is advised before applying 20 herbs doses of the same type
– Overdose effect can be cleared using the Cleanse Elixir – it will take down all the alchemic and herbal effects, both positive and negative
– Stacking Herbalism and Alchemy buffs is independent
– New buffs applied by alchemic and herbal products replace the previous ones but only within a given type, i.e. new alchemic product will replace the alchemic buff only, not the ones coming from food or herbs
– Alchemic products are very strong stimulants which allow you to surpass the physical limitations of human body but with noticeable side-effects; their efficiency and downsides will be balanced due to current meta
– Increased amount of gathered bark and added gaining bark from crafting planks due to increased usage of bark caused by upcoming introducing the Herbalism and Alchemy crafting branch


– Due to preparations for reducing the non-looting zones areas, which will end in changing Volkvar, Blackrock, Waterford, Skogar, Dimar and Haddah castles into PVP zone locations, we have added ash wood nodes to their lumbermills and special type of granite nodes near the outer fortifications ring – these nodes are respawning instantly but their gathering time is longer; this change is meant to make upgrading these locations easier
– Changed locations of Tenebrok Mine and Tenebrok Farm because they have been placed too far from Tenebrok and not on the links area; these locations have also been updated visually
– Introduced Area of Interest balancing system which balances the amount of network objects instanced client-side depending on the amount of players logged to a server – this change should increase your framerate and reduce the occurence of not visible players’ characters when they are already loaded client-side
– Added dedicated spawnpoints for attackers in the River Outpost world event – they are much closer than nearest flags so it will be easier to engage
– Increased chance to successfully reinforce an item
– Added possibility to use nails as replacement in upgrading buildings to 2 level
– Added greying out the PVP tournament registration button when a player’s level is too low to join it
– Slightly increased marching speed (default speed in combat mode)
– Added sound effects to incoming trade/friend/party/guild invites
– Introduced detailed quests state debugging system – if you’ll encounter any bugged quest (like progress not being counted up or NPCs not spawning), you can report it through “Quests/events” category in the bug reporting tool (under ESC menu) and special logs will be generated on our servers, so we’ll be able to fix these issues much easier
– Expanded the list of video cards which are being checked when detecting if an integrated video card is being used (if such card will be successfully detected, a warning will be displayed since it’s the most frequent reason of performance issues – read more
– Added 300 Ambers to content of the Supporter Pack at our store page, for both users who have already purchased it in the past and new consumers (right now the Ambers will become visible after logging to the game for the second time)

– Fixed characters height issue – they used to be short even if higher value was selected; if you also encountered this problem and would like to have it changed, please contact us at with the name of your character so we’ll be able to change it (we’ll wait until Friday morning CEST, then we’ll perform a mass change)
– Fixed issues preventing players from various interactions – gathering resources and looting NPC enemies, containers, and displaying message that a player is too far away
– From now on colliders of dead NPC enemies’ is being moved to the side when they have fallen in order to make looting them easier
– Fixed an issue with quests when a player logged out in the range of quest in which NPCs spawners were set to be active only if a player with these specific quests was close enough
– Fixes to Brad dialogs in order to solve issues with Francis and No Mercy quests
– Fixed NPCs spawnpoints in the River Outpost event
– Fixes to arms animations issues in character creation/selection menu
– Fixed an issue causing giving rewards for upgrading events when a building was destroyed

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