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Updates 6 castles turned into open-loot areas, 3 new locations added! (Changelog v.
18-05-2018, 17:19, (This post was last modified: 18-05-2018, 17:35 by bartold.)
6 castles turned into open-loot areas, 3 new locations added! (Changelog v.
[Image: 383.jpg]

Hello, warriors!

Another update this week just hit the servers! In response to suggestions of many players, we have reduced the non-looting zones’ areas. In effect, 6 castles have turned into open-world, looting-free areas, as well as their minor flags! There are also 3 new locations placed in the reduced non-looting zones which, along with Fort Serai, are now included in the siege events. You also received dozens of tweaks, improvements and bugfixes.

Enjoy and see you in battle!

[Screenshot by DangerousElusiveFate(Def)]

Changelog v.


– Reduced the non-looting zones areas – from now on Blackrock, Volkvar, Skogar, Dimar, Haddah and Waterford castles, including their minor flags, are placed in open-world, looting-free areas
– Added 3 new locations – Dundrum, Ystad and Eaglenest – to capture inside the reduced non-looting zones: forts with villages which offer resources and workshops slightly better than those located inside the safezones
– Added Fort Serai (Sangmarian last stand fort) and new forts to the pool of siege events locations
– Improvements to Supporter Shop – added tooltips and taking tems confirmation window
– From now on, after performing “use” action on bundles purchased from the Supporter Shop the content is not being stored directly in the player’s inventory but in the Supporter Shop’s limbo, from where they can be used or taken to inventory
– From now on buffs applied by products purchased from Supporter Shop, such as experience boost cards, don’t disappear after server crash
– Added displaying chat messages written by players above their heads
– Improved the vignette visuals to make earning damage effect more visible
– Improvements to messages displayed in the main menu
– Improved visibility of message informing about detecting an integrated video card


– Fixed an issue allowing to unlock inventory/deposit slots before earning character’s 10 level
– Fixed displaying effects names in tooltips of recently introduced herbal and alchemic products
– Numerous fixes to bugs reported in quests
21-05-2018, 12:42,
RE: 6 castles turned into open-loot areas, 3 new locations added! (Changelog v.
- too small map on tournament
- OP bows
- bigger lags with each update
- numerous minor ever-growing bungles

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