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Digging, running, and blocking
19-05-2018, 01:34, (This post was last modified: 19-05-2018, 03:53 by oioi.)
Digging, running, and blocking
Hey guys. Got three suggestions, here. The first two are objectively great ideas. The third is very subjective.

1) Enable digging while offline
Digging is a cool mechanic. I like it. I get easy items while I'm AFK. What I don't like is that my computer needs to be left on, running the game. Electricity isn't cheap, and it's warm where I am, so my computer doesn't even double as a heater. Don't punish players who don't want to leave their computer on 24/7. Let me log out while digging. It will help encourage people to log on daily, too, so that they can at least repair their shovel and begin digging again. No one wants to leave the game running 24/7!

2) Allow me to always run (not sprint) without needing to hold shift
Took me 20 hours before I realized how running and sprinting works. Running consumes no stamina, and has no penalty for doing so. Let me run by default. It's frustrating that I need to hold shift all the time to run, but if I accidentally let go and push it again, I start sprinting. There's no reason not to hold run, anyway. If I'm pushing "W", it means I want to go forward quickly. There has not been one time that I have said to myself "I want to go forward... slowly". No. I want to get there quick. If I want to get there really quick, I will sprint. Give my pinky-finger a rest and give me the option to toggle on "automatically run when moving". It will also make the running/sprinting mechanics easier to understand for new players. It shouldn't take tens of hours before players fully understand how their shift button works.

3) Remove directional blocking
Melee combat in PvP relies on running up on the enemy... then turning away from him... then starting to swing... then walking behind the enemy... and then looking at the enemy... and then hitting him. Why? Because it makes an effective block (where the little icon turns green) incredibly hard to do, because the block marker (the one the enemy sees) will move around as fast as, if not faster, than the game will let him change his block direction. Erratic character movements for the purpose of exploiting the position of the block marker is not fun. It's not fun when it happens to me and I struggle to do an effective block, and it's not fun when I do it to an enemy. It feels cheap. I can't be the only one who finds this completely unfun. Sure, the average player will not perform these cheap tactics, but for someone who wants to minmax, it is necessary.

I suggest that blocking is changed so that "effective blocks" are removed. Instead, allow for a "perfectly timed block", where if I block at the same time as the enemy's strike hits me, consider that to be an effective block. This way, purposefully creating erratic movements is no longer beneficial, but blocking is still very skill-based.

Obviously this would mean that directional attacks are not so important. Perhaps adjust the mechanics of all of these directional attacks. Overhead attacks could be fast and have a small striking radius. Side attacks could be slower, hit harder, have a shorter range, and have a large striking radius. Stab attacks could be very fast, have a very small strike zone, and a long range.

I feel as though changing blocking (and by extension, attacking) in this way would make combat less revolved around confusing movements, and make choosing a direction to attack with a lot more important.
07-10-2018, 20:59,
RE: Digging, running, and blocking
Instead of removing Directional Blocking, have stamina drain each time you switch direction with a block or attack cost an amount of stamina.
07-10-2018, 22:32,
RE: Digging, running, and blocking
Instead of removing Directional Blocking, have stamina drain each time you switch direction with a block or attack cost an amount of stamina.

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