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Suggestion for player to player market and certain trades
19-05-2018, 02:03,
Suggestion for player to player market and certain trades
One thing that I would dearly love to see is the ability to apply another layer of filters when searching for items in the player-to-player market. For instance, if I am looking for alchemy/herbal recipes but do not know the names of the recipes I want (merely that I want more of them), it would be nice if I could filter the list of maybe 20+ pages of recipes to include only the particular discipline I wish to buy recipes in. Furthermore, it would be nice if I could also apply a filter to exclude recipes I already know.

My second suggestion would be an in game mechanism to allow offline trades within the guild for instance. By that I mean trades between specific people. As an example, I have a friend that intends to buy the game but his time zone is about 7+ hours different than mine, it would be nice if he could simply let me know what he needs and I could set up a trade where he can go to a guild merchant and receive what I send (obviously there would be a fee involved, probably on both ends since what I am suggesting is that a special merchant acts as a third party go between for a trade which can be done between players without them both having to be online at the same time.

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