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Updates Patch up your wounds and fight for fame again in new Glory season! (Update v.
01-06-2018, 14:24,
Patch up your wounds and fight for fame again in new Glory season! (Update v.
[Image: 556455cdf8f044902d93a9512f7287260f287cc7.jpg]

Hey, you! Time has come to fight for the eternal fame and you are still here? What? Wounds? Patch yourself up with bandages and go back into battle!

Hello, warriors – new update just hit the servers! First of all: new Glory season has just begun! The best players were awarded and titled but now it’s time to climb to the top of leaderboard. Moreover, we’ve just updated Glory system with numerous balance improvements, so be prepared for taking the chaos of war to enemy lands!

However, we know the pains of warriors who take part in brutal close-combat battles. Sweat, tears and blood dripping from countless wounds… but now you can use just-added bandages to patch up either yourself or your allies!

See you in battle!

Changelog v.


– New Glory season has just begun! Top players were awarded and titled. Gear up and enter the new season with renewed strength to reach the TOP of the leaderboard!
– Reduced amount of Glory points gained for player’s score in the PVP tournament
– Reduced the gap in Glory points earned by all nations in the PVP tournament depending on the outcome
– Removed bonus to Glory points earned in sieges which was dependent on the battle’s scale to provide an equal incentive to fight in after-tournament sieges and regular ones
– From now on, there’s no Glory for defending forts located in your nation’s non-looting zone (Ystad, Eaglenest and Dundrum forts)
– From now on, amount of Glory points gained in sieges isn’t reduced if one nation outnumbers the enemy (there’s still bonus for being outnumbered)
– Updated the arena points balance - we have found some issues after the first week and fixed them; now, once these issues are solved, the arena ranking has got a fresh start (with no rewards for this past test week)


– Added possibility to heal your wounds using bandages, that we have just added to the game – temporarily bandages can be purchased from Quartermasters of Lordly Haven, Hordun Temple and Lord’s Wrath Abbey, but near future you will be able to craft them on your own
– Applying a bandage successfully removes bleeding effect and restores small portion of lost HP; to bandage yourself, simply use the item
– Added possibility to bandage an ally player – to do it, click “E” on a player and select ”Use the bandage” option (known issue – bandaging other players don’t work on arena yet, it will be fixed soon)
– 3x increased chances that the siege event will take place in following locations in the central part of links: Tenebrok, Rodrock Fort, Seaclaw, Scarsdale, Greenport, Ulfgard
– Improvements to hits detection
– Added quickly respawning pine wood nodes in lumbermills near Volkvar, Blackrock, Haddah, Dimar, Skogar and Waterford castles
– Added displaying a warning if you gather resources with destroyed tool/weapon
– Animal drops have been updated – from now, instead of carrying entire corpses of different animals, you’ll loot their carcasses; this change also has been resembled in crafting processes which use dead animals and was caused by the upcoming cooking update
– Updated monuments for Glory seasons and PVP events monuments in the arena


– Fixed an issue causing being staggered after hitting an enemy with legshot
– Fixed bugged fire effects on prisoners in the Blood Fortress world event
– Fixes and improvements to Sangmarian quests
– Fixed playing sound effects of gathering resources by other players
– Minor optimization of characters’ models

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