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New arena, F6
06-06-2018, 12:58,
New arena, F6
In the game, there is a lack of space where you could practice gaming with guild partners, other members of the nation or guild vs guild.
You should create a valley in which there would be some trees, rocks, etc., plus some ruins with bridges and gates. Also there should be a default loot switched off and a friendly-enemy divide depending on the party membership.
It could be just one valley for all nations with 3 inns and a teleport, however, I would prefer each nation to each have its own and one common one Smile I suggest something like Elvas but for there to be different types of access. You are wasting time on unnecessary things like bandages and potions instead of making something truly for the players Smile
Please make a change in the interface after pressing F6. At the moment, with F6 on, everything disappears – even the sight for the archers. Make it so that after turning the interface off, the only visible life bars are yellow for the azebs, blue for the ismirs and red for the mids as well as the sight. It might seem like nothing, yet when there are as many players on a tournament as 70, it makes a hell of a difference.

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