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Hunger, item decay system
09-06-2018, 13:48, (This post was last modified: 09-06-2018, 13:49 by m4x.)
Hunger, item decay system
I cannot post in the Steam discussion Forum because I need Steam guard to send a message omg. Since I already wrote the comment I post it here.

If I understand it right, the purpose of implement decaying ressources apart from food is to prevent old players to have a bonus on the materials they crafted years ago and reward active crafters. As a crafter I would turn all my materials I collected in thousands of crafting quests into armor and store them in many characters. Pretty sure every other crafter will do that as well.
The market will be flooded with top armors, because not every crafter has enough con points to store all the armors and weapons.

I play this game since 2013 and ever now and then I have to take a break from it. Iam farming alot and crafting alot and I like the grinding aspect. Top gear is actually valuable and that is good.
I also like most of the realism parts in this game but to be honest having to dry my wood and salt my food is realistic but pretty boring in real life, so why would you add the boring real life activity to a videogame? Wink Also what about all the other materials? Will there be a way to conserve them so they last at least a couple month if you take a break from the game? The argument that you wont loose anything because it turns into a less quality material after time is equal to loosing it for most players iam pretty sure, it just feels bad.

If you make crafting less grindy and armors easier to craft, then crafting is less exciting to me because whats the point when everyone can craft top armor easily without grinding ress.

Also everytime when there is a issue with the combat system I saw the ppl who where focused on pvp leaving the game, but the crafters where still grinding and crafting. If you remove the grinding aspect in this game, there is no point in playing as a crafter during this inactive periods.

I dont see any issues with a food and hunger system, but I dont really see a positive aspect for a decay system on all the other materials. I just really hope you dont mess the crafting up bcause thats what kept me playing this game over years.

All the best
09-10-2018, 13:02,
RE: Hunger, item decay system
nice sharing its lovely thanks for sharing

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