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Twitch Review
12-06-2018, 17:21, (This post was last modified: 13-06-2018, 21:42 by Dire_Shade.)
Twitch Review
***Started streaming Gloria Victis on twitch***

Overall the game looks and feels good, but I wish it were more like a sandbox styled MMo for ease of play. While streaming on twitch the servers kept shutting down and opening up so my twitch channel suffered.

I understand this game has been out for a few years and has not fully been completed yet, but I still will be very direct and honest about issues I found and how the play-through went.

Wish they had a guide for each archetype and what kind of armor and weapons worked (feel my character is wearing the wrong gear or has the wrong weapons on), but because of that it made it harder on me during the play-through. I spent most of my time in game trying to guess on how to invest my points in my stats and on skill sets which I know I must have screwed up on since my hit points or crap. (wish they had a preset lock you could click on which would automatically distribute your stat points for the best results so i don't have to guess at all and suffer in game w/ the wrong end result on my picks)

Issues found:

- There was no auto loot which had limited me to about 30 seconds to loot dead bodies. (bodies were very hard to loot from in general)
- Map is very buggy and at times transported your character away from a fight at random. (only happened once)
- In time on your mini map not all shops an even auction house had labels making them hard to find. (over time I got use to that)
- The fighting system was hard to adjust to, and even at level 25 I found it hard to kill level 13 enemies. (my finger became tired of clicking my mouse just to keep attacking.
- Low FPS made it appear slow even without OBS or chrome on during live streaming and after the live streaming was done. (FPS fell below 30-43 FPS)
- The blacksmith stalls and areas you can buy general weapons are terribly setup. (there is no variety, and I found no areas to buy accessories so am not sure if that is normal or still being worked on)
- Finding quests is somewhat hard since all you have to go on are marks on the map, and there is no generated quests locator. (I hated pulling up the map to find out I went the wrong way)
- When selling your gear at a merchant there is no drop box to sell everything all at once, and you could be there for a long time to clear out your inventory.
- There are no penalties for hitting NPCs (I'm kinda glade since I don't want to become a wanted character - but it also takes the fun out of it at some point)
- There is no in game guild search feature so you cannot research guilds and send messages to there recruiters. (unless I am mistaken you either create your own guild or hope you find a recruiter in chat or online)
- In the auction house there is no tab for just accessories unless it is covered under something else.
- What archetype bonuses are there or does it even matter since they all play the same. (made three different archetypes w/ no general different)
- characters seems to be able to wear anything they want, but it be nice in the description to have info on what archetype/class gets the best use out of it as a sense of a guideline.
- Noticed there was no area where you can change the color in your gear or weapons/armor. (be nice to color coat your character so you can have more open freedom) - I mismatched gear so my character at the start has auctioned bought gear on which is an eyesore both for my viewers and for me. (I sucked it up and played anyways)
- When your swimming your stamina runs out to fast so you end up dead almost right away. (you cannot use your space bar to jump, and if you hold still your character still gets hurt in the process)

(those were my brief issues I found so far - more to come of course as I play longer)

Find me on twitch - Dire_Shade
13-06-2018, 00:13,
RE: Twitch Review
More to add to the list:

- Finding quests near your level is terrible to find (could just be me)
- Your weapons durability cannot be repaired - so you have to keep spare weapons on yourself at all time) - went broke a few times after finding that out)
- Cannot find a descent area to farm for coin at a low level (cannot find quests as well that give out enough coin)

Finding this really hard right now after lvl 25 to level up any faster without doing PVP. (I solo mostly)

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