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Engine problem
17-06-2018, 17:18,
Engine problem
As every1 notice we have major problem with collision detection our character warp on every high angle terrain its make jumping buggy and realy useless (used normalny i dont say about "backward jumping")

And my Question is if we focus on fight on features and we will have still problem so basic like this one how newcommers will enjoy the game ? Right now realy small bugs can give realy bad opinion about the product and make them leave
17-06-2018, 18:06,
RE: Engine problem
Maybe the creators will wake up when they see the review on steam change from an already bad 'mixed' to an even worse 'negative'.
17-06-2018, 23:00,
RE: Engine problem
I hope so cuz right now good reviews is the only thing to make population bigger
We all know its alpha stage but even if a lot of ppl right now says "GV ? Aaaa the game with bad performance and dull fight? there is anything to do there?" cuz they dont even look at it now...

I must show a lot of movies on YT to recruit my friends XD
I hope GV Devs will upgrade/repair engine ASAP cuz physic right now is realy bad...
IMHO fight is realy cool but even blocking is glitchy and bugged
[Image: a8W7weG.gif]
18-06-2018, 13:07,
RE: Engine problem
Its a really hard task programming a non target combat system I heard, and even more if you have a small team around you. I just didnt understand why they didnt roll back the server version when there was the update that created most of the desync issues like 2-3 month ago. Its been already better but not like in january. And short after this "combat breaking" update the humble bundle on steam was available, so the timing was a bit unfortunate. I really hope they consider a roll back if there is another update issue next time.
18-06-2018, 16:47,
RE: Engine problem
I hope they will improve basic cuz right now its the most needed.... cuz later they can expand everything but if they start expanding on bugged engine and then try to fix it... it could cause more and more major crashes
I hope devs somekind read those stuff
[Image: a8W7weG.gif]
20-07-2018, 12:15, (This post was last modified: 06-08-2018, 15:33 by sianko.)
RE: Engine problem
Any changes? Do someone use this website
05-08-2018, 20:36, (This post was last modified: 05-08-2018, 20:36 by Mightykitten.)
RE: Engine problem
Yes, there are changes, they fixed a few issues and added a few features -

you should join the discord.

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