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Raubritter Armor Set
19-06-2018, 19:36,
Raubritter Armor Set
Was not sure where to post this since it's not off topic, and it does has to do w/ in game help w/ crafting.

One of the guilds I had mentioned in a later post called "Legion" had set me up w/ the raubritter armor set, and I feel bad that 3 pieces of it were lost during a raid. (bobo I believe was the user who looted me - lol)

Was able to find most of the remaining armor at the auction house, but I would also like help crafting it so I can start on my path for craft my favorite armor sets. (I do enjoy the easier way by purchasing the armor set through the auction house but saving enough coin takes to long) - and my level is not high enough to take on Brandon and Cohort yet.

Armor set info:
Raubritter's (Midlander) - Heavy Armour

If anyone is free to talk in game while I stream on twitch I would also like help w/ my characters stats/passive-skills since I believe they are mismatched.

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