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Updates Sickles and pots in hands – herbalism crafting branch added!
21-06-2018, 17:28, (This post was last modified: 22-06-2018, 11:08 by bartold.)
Sickles and pots in hands – herbalism crafting branch added!
[Image: 351.jpg]

Need a break from raiding enemy lands and staining the ground with blood of defeated foes? Let’s brew some decoctions – the Cooking and Herbalism craft has just been expanded with entire branch of herbal consumables! There’s more than 20 recipes to learn and 13 new types of plants to gather. Sickles in hands!

Also, we have a little sneak peek for you! We’re currently testing the new directional blocks with separate animations for each block. They will also be better synchronized than the current blocking system. New blocking system is coming to the game next week – stay tuned!

Changelog v.


– Introduced crafting branch of herbal consumables – 21 new recipes which can be bought from Food and Herb Merchants and dropped from NPC enemies; they are part of Cooking and Herbalism craft
– Added 13 new types of plants to gather which are used as ingredients in herbalism recipes – in general, the most valuable plants can be found in the central areas of each link
– Since herbs can now be gathered, they have been removed from NPC shops
– Since herbal consumables can now be crafted, most of them have been removed from quartermasters in Lord’s Wrath Abbey, Lordly Haven and Hordun Temple
– Renamed “Tincture from Stoneholm” into “Inspiration Tincture”
– Added mushrooms in forests and Midlandic area
– Changes to dead animals and basic animal-based materials
– Added disabling the players’ nameplates if their characters are fully covered by in-game objects (this change has already been applied few days ago)
– Reduced the max HP of recently added quest NPCs at minor flags
– Improved the Help text of provinces in Guild window


– Fixed an issue causing desynchronizing the doors in upgradable buildings after getting upgraded and respawned
– Fixed jumping backwards up the mountains and models (there are still edge cases allowing to jump up small objects but they happen on much less scale)
– Fixed spawn positions in siege events on non-loot flags (Dundrum, Ystad and Eaglenest forts) and in the River Outpost event
– Fixed glitches of some female NPCs
– Fixed an issue causing that recently created guilds weren’t displayed in the Guild Ranking
– Fixed an issue preventing players from trading food and looting it from other players
– Fixed a display bug causing that one of upgradable wall segment types was turning invisible when it got damaged
– Fixes to quests
– Fixed display bug in description of the Fed buff
– Fixed an issue causing constant FPS drop lasting until relogging after completing the basic tutorial

Hotfix 2018-06-21

Crafting balance:

As promised, we are starting updating various crafting processes to make them less tedious. In this update, we started with making the basic processes – flax processing and animals butchering – easier.

– Removed Flax Fibers from crafting flow – from now on, both Flax Threads and Flax Twine are crafted directly from Bundle of Flax, removing an unnecessary step
– From now on, Flax Seeds are obtained directly from gathering Flax nodes
– Reduced amount of parts of Carcasses required to butcher animals by 25-30%
– Increased amount of Tendons and Bowels obtained from butchering animals
– Added chance to drop 2 pieces of Blood of the Beast from 1 old animal
– Removed possibility for Honey to get rotten, which was added by accident in today’s update

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