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Updates Prove your skills – directional blocks update! (Update v.
01-07-2018, 13:11,
Prove your skills – directional blocks update! (Update v.
[Image: 441ded528a580418b31f604e0de0a7eb68972b00.png]

New update hit the servers! We’ve updated the directional blocks, adding separate animations for each block with weapon and improving the blocking detection. Check it out and prove your skills!

Changelog v.

Directional blocks:

This patch include major update to the directional blocks system. Not only blocking with weapon has received dedicated animations for all the block types, but also the blocks detection has been updated.

So, what has changed and why?

In previous system, blocks detection was dependent on current position and rotation of both attacker and defender. This solution had some serious downsides which couldn’t be fixed with this approach, just because of latencies with which we have to deal in MMORPGs. In short – movement distances done in close combat were enough to inflict problems with determining where the enemy is, so even if you’ve seen green blocking indicator on your client, on the server side the enemy could have already moved to side, causing that your block hasn’t been detected.

From now on, it depends on the attack type which the enemy performs – if enemy attacks from your left, all you have to do is to select left block and not let the enemy to move to your back. The attacker’s possibilities are also slightly expanded – central attacks (overhead and stab) are not being blocked with side blocks, so it can be used for feinting. Moreover, the new system solves another issue which was present in the previous one. If you’re fighting 2 enemies, it was impossible to block their attacks if they attacked from both left and right at the same time. Now, if you’re skilled in footwork, you can do it with proper positioning and selecting a side block.

Along with the blocks update, we’ve improved the NPCs combat mechanics. Until now, the humanoid NPC enemies were blocking ever attack type with the same blocking stance, so it was impossible to trick them. From now on, they are using the same blocking system as players do, so if they put up a block, you have a chance to switch attack to another and feint them. Moreover, NPCs can do mistakes now and block from wrong side. This change is aimed to improve the overall PVE combat experience.

The update includes some user experience improvements as well. Since some of players don’t like selecting the attacks/blocks direction with mouse movement, so now you can bind all of the blocks types to keys. We also improved the block type detection depending on the mouse movement. Now you can first click the block button and then move mouse to select the block type. Also, since the new blocking system makes combat with 2-handed weapons more skill-based, we’ve increased 2h weapons damage.


– Increased base damage of longswords, long axes and 2-handed bludgeon weapons: +20
– Increased base damage of two-handed spears: +10
– Added salt nodes to mines in the central areas of each link
– Increased amount of experience and gold earned for capturing flags
– Updated experience gained for crafting food and herbal consumables
– Added Exquisite Venison to products earned from butchering bears
– Added Pork to products earned from butchering boars
– Fixed amount of buildings required to burn in The Final Strike event on Fort Dunfen
– Fixed an issue causing that quest in the Dead Raven Inn wasn’t visible on map when player came close enough to it
– Fixed assortment of Prosperous Merchant in Lordly Haven
– Improvements and fixes to quests
– Updated the Turkish translation, adding translations of items, recipes and NPCs names

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