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Updates Medium helmets updated & improvements to State of War (Update v. )
05-07-2018, 18:50,
Medium helmets updated & improvements to State of War (Update v. )
[Image: 399dc5fbcfb69f994e65ed77f7a1ad66c906839d.jpg]

Hello, warriors – new update just hit the servers! We have improved the State of War formula in response to your feedback and added full crafting branch of medium helmets which were missing for Midlanders and Ismirs. There’s also a lot of gameplay improvements, tweaks and bugfixes.

Also, be sure to join the PVP event which will take place on [WestEurope] Wolfield server! The event will start on Sunday, July 8th at 8:30 GMT. Join us in the arena and fight for fame in 5v5 battles. The winners will be immortalized on the in-game monuments and every participant will be rewarded, so sharpen your weapons!

See you in battle!

Changelog v.


– From now on, guild tokens are global instead of server-based, so you don’t have to control guild castles on all servers in order to compete in the guild ranking; this change also prevents a single guild from dominating all servers, which was especially visible on servers with lower population where small guilds couldn’t stand guilds from Wolfield and Aquilla
– Due to this change, if a guild managed to have more than 2 tokens, the value will be changed to 2 – but, they will still keep control over already claimed castles as long as they can defend them
- From now on, each token placed to compete for a province costs 2 gold - this change was needed because some guilds were placing them randomly just to trigger the State of War
– From now on, purchasing a token for competing over a province doesn’t trigger State of War the same day but the day after, so it will be no longer possible to put a token right before the SoW timeframe
– Reduced the State of War duration to 45 minutes because in some cases it overlapped with tournaments
– From now on, NPC’s attack can be interrupted with full-power attack
– From now on, NPCs will stop holding block 2 seconds after choosing a wrong blocking direction
– Improved algorithm which selects defenders for the after-tournament siege
– Introduced full branch of Midlandic and Ismirean medium helmets and their recipes
– Model of Flat Top Helm with Mask and Mail Coif is now used as the top-tier Midlandic medium helmet
– Renamed Flat Top Helm with Mask and Mail Coif into War Great Helm
– Updated model of Rabritter’s Sallet
– Added Digestion Tincture to assortment of Food and Herb Merchant in flags located in central areas of each link
– Improved the food tooltip layout


– Further fixes to selecting the blocking direction
– Fixed an issue which used to cause teleporting player to random location after starting moving (there might still be other cases so if you’ll experience such issue, please report them to us)
– Fixed displaying the blocks indicators on other players with wrong rotation
– Fixed an issue allowing to headshot a player who covers his head with a shield
– Fixes to after-tournament events
– Fixed The Lord of the Mountains event
– Fixed an issue causing that the reputation buffs were displayed only in the first session
– Various improvements and fixes to quests and events
06-07-2018, 20:45,
RE: Medium helmets updated & improvements to State of War (Update v. )
Could you please add one small things to the market? A simply way to sort/filter recipes: those I have and those I don't have. It's a waste of time searching through all the pages looking for what I don't have or need. You should also add cuisines of nations where the ingredients would be rare and available only in the regions of the main cities of the given nation. It should be bigos for the Midlanders, kebabs for the Azebs and shit pie for the Ismirs Smile
09-07-2018, 11:28,
RE: Medium helmets updated & improvements to State of War (Update v. )
Every suggestion is more than appreciated, temporaryja!

Funny idea with the cuisines, although I think that Ismir wouldn't be too happy about having a national "dish" you've picked for them. ; )
09-07-2018, 14:02,
RE: Medium helmets updated & improvements to State of War (Update v. )
So then I have oher suggestions for them: Súrir hrútspungar, Surströmming or Blodsoppa.
09-07-2018, 17:55,
RE: Medium helmets updated & improvements to State of War (Update v. )
That market filter for unknown recipes would be awesome, although Im not sure if its that easy to implement. About the shit talk, well not everyone njoys these constant insults and "jokes". Reduce it to a minimum if possible, thank you.

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