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Updates Synchro and other system improvements, PvP quest and skins for helmets! (v.
11-07-2018, 16:41, (This post was last modified: 19-07-2018, 16:33 by bartold.)
Synchro and other system improvements, PvP quest and skins for helmets! (v.
[Image: 399dc5fbcfb69f994e65ed77f7a1ad66c906839d.jpg]

Hello, warriors!

This update includes many improvements which were frequently requested by our Community. There’s a significant synchronization update that fixed numerous issues, including the constant slight desync which stayed until snapping the character. We have also updated the NPC guards system so now they are properly spawning after capturing a flag. Moreover, from now on the NPC enemies can properly attack a player who stands on smaller objects, such as barrels.

Also, our the controller/synchronization team, which is continuously working hard on improving the combat and servers’ performance, has recently found a significant issue causing degrading the server’s performance overtime after restart, which is especially noticeable on servers which aren’t located in Europe. This issue is related to old database system. The only system which is still using it is crafting, so we’re going to focus hard on migrating it to new system as soon as possible, since moving it will significantly reduce lag/desync and improve the overall experience in combat. It is also a moment when we’ll be able to improve crafting itself, add new features and update its’ interface.

[Image: 2bb39f29e9ed37fb892ce6beb6eed7e82ed7b574.jpg]

Improving the crafting system is one of these tasks which may not actually appeal to PVP players, especially considering the fact that every player has their own expectations. It is absolutely required though, since it will lead to improving the servers’ performance and attracting more players who aren’t that much PVP focused.

We believe that there are 3 main pillars of Gloria Victis, as we see it for the final game: open PVP, territory control and player-driven economy. The latter aspect, however, hasn't offered that much as an independent gameplay layer yet, so we'd love to expand it with some more interesting gameplay loops. The recent addition of cooking and herbalism, as well as planned farming system and improving crafting system, are part of this goal – to make it more fun and interesting. It also brings us towards the completion of the game.

We’d love to hear your voice about possible improvements to crafting system which you’d like to see in game. Feel invited to an official discussion on it!

[Image: 5bd8cff347e9e41b7f37bcb7509b8cc263229dc5.jpg]

And the last but not least. We’ve been asked many times about further possibilities to customize a character and support the game’s development. Now you can do it, because we added skins for first 3 helmet models! With addition of skins, we hope to be able to increase our team and develop the game faster.

There are 16 skins available in Supporter Shop and a special skin which can only be obtained by earning a title for the top 3 positions in the Glory ranking. So, every player who has earned God of War, Warlord or Champion title at least once, has been given this unique skin which can’t be obtained in any other way. Also, one of the skins from Supporter Shop can be obtained by completing just added PVP quest - read the details below!

More skins will be added later, since working on them is a secondary task for our artists done in the meantime between gameplay-related tasks. Moreover, some of skins change color of detail depending on the player’s nation! We’re going to apply this system to other models too later - we’ll be working on it iteratively. Also, with this system we’ll be able to add displaying the guild’s Coat of Arms on shields in future too!

P.S. We have created our official Steam Developer profile. If you enjoy the game, follow this page to let the world know about Gloria Victis!

See you in battle!

Changelog v.

Gameplay Changes:

– Added skins for 3 helmets models – 16 skins in total available in Supporter Shop, one of them can also be unlocked by completing the just added PVP quest (read below)
– Added an unique skin called God of War's Hood which is obtained by every player who has earned God of War, Warlord or Champion title at least once, or will earn it in future
– Added skins system
– Updated model for the top light helmets: Karleonian Padded Hood, Black Guard’s Padded Hood and Praetorian's Padded Hood
– Added the PVP quest which requires killing 3 enemies, taking 10 assists and reviving 3 allies; the quest is available after completing “For Motherland!” quest and is rewarded with a skin for helmet
– Updated algorithm selecting the defenders in after-tournament siege event
– Added hints to hunger system and just-added PVP quest
– Added possibility to select the attack and block direction by pressing the movement keys
– Added “progress bar” displayed on items in inventory showing the time remaining before an item will change into other, such as fermentation, cooling down food etc.
– Added markers on items’ icons in inventory to show items of +5/+6/+7 quality


– Updated players’ position synchronization – the constant slight desync which stayed until snapping the character should be fixed now
– Updated the NPC guards spawning system – issue causing that they were not spawning after claiming a location has been fixed; keep in mind that if location isn’t linked to capital city, there will be no guards but in any other case it should work properly
– Fixed NPC guards balance in Mereley Lumbermill – Sangmarian guards were stronger than Ismirean ones
– Fixed an issue causing that NPC enemies couldn’t properly attack a player who stands on smaller objects, such as barrels
– Fixed an issue causing getting stuck in “The Forsaken Path” dungeon
– Fixed displaying eyes color
– Fix to Invalid Steam Token issue

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